Some quick chourico and kielbasa

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  1. I am two weeks away from finishing the project that I have been working on at work since February.  With my successor taking over my responsibilities I finally have a little time to breath.  I took advantage of one of the few occasions in the past six months that my days off have not been spent on the phone or Blackberry and threw together a batch of chourico, kielbasa, and some beef sticks. 

    I apologize for the lack of pictures but this was more therapy than anything else.  I case anyone is wondering the sliced kielbasa was the link with the probe, thats what the hole in the slices is.

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  3. Thanks Dave.  Its been a while since I've posted photos.
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    Now I can say "That's some Great looking Sausage Dale!!!"

    I'm just getting started in making sausage so what is chourico?
  5. This chourico is the portuguese version.  There are many variations usually unique to a country or region.  This is the kind that I grew up on in Southern New England where there is a large Portuguese community.
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    Nice looking sausage Dale....... I would definetly eat that................
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    Looks great - nice job
  8. Looks awesome for  sure.......[​IMG]
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    Nothing like fresh sausage, Great job!

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