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  1. I am a sucker for good corned beef and pastrami. From what I've read pastrami is just smoked corned beef right? There is a KILLER deli in New York called Katz's Deli. I absolutely love their pastrami. Has anyone eaten there or can look at some photos and possibly figure out what they are doing?



    Any help would be appreciated...

    P.S. Where can I get that cut of corned beef?
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    Here's one I did before easter:
    Corned Beef/Pastrami
    Step by Step

    By Tip Piper of Hillbilly Vittles

    Beef Brisket trimmed and separated (point/flat)
    ¼ tsp #1 cure per lb.
    1 tsp Garlic Powder
    1 C Kosher Salt
    ½ C White Vinegar
    8 Tbls White Sugar
    2 tsp Cracked Pepper
    1 tsp ground Mustard
    ¼ tsp ground Cloves
    Upta 2 Gallons a Water

    Cure for 7 days. This makes your corned beef.
    Ifin ya jus want corned beef smoke at low temp to an internal temp of 165*, but ifin ya wan't ta make pastrami goto the next step.


    5 Tbls Kosher Salt
    4 Tbls Paprika
    3 Tbls Coriander
    3 Tbls Dark Brown Sugar
    2 Tbls cracked Black Pepper
    2 Tbls Yellow Mustard
    1 Tbls White Pepper
    1 Tbls Garlic Powder

    Rub into corned beef by hand well, all sides. Then smoke at low temp to an internal temp of 165*.

    Trimmed an seprated brisket.

    In the brine/cure bucket fer 7 days.

    On the left, rubbed an ready ta smoke inta pastrami - On the right ready ta become smoked Corned Beef. The pieces were rinsed before rubbin/Smokin. Notice the nice pink color from the cure!

    The smoked corned beef, excellent taste! A bit salty, next one I will soak fer 2 hours changin the water out each 1/2 hour ta fix that. Gonna make some fine Reuben sammies though!

    The smoked pastrami. This is good stuff! Gonna make some fine sammies to!

    Know, I thin I might add some picklin spice an maybe some bay leaf ta the next batch, but it sure was tastey!

    Tammarraw night we slice! An that will end the project!
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    I would imagine they keep their secret pretty well kept.
    I did a bit of Googling and wasn't able to come up with anything relevant besides the fact that it is a big secret.
    Thawed out 2 corned beef briskets and am doing up some pastrami today.
    Saw Tips rub and it sure sounds good so I'm going to put that on one (thanks Tip) and the other I'm doing with black pepper, coriander, red pepper, garlic powder and Hungarian paprika to see how well that works.
    And to answer your other question yes, pastrami is simply smoked corned beef.
  5. Thanks everyone for their responses! We'll see how the leg quarters do this weekend and work from there. Thanks for great step by step instructions as well!
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    I have a question...when changing the water you are doing just that? not adding any seasoning or anything right?
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    Thanks FiU, with all my years involved in food I was never really certain. Makes sense now.
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    That is correct.
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    Katz is my #1 have to have stop in NYC. I've done a few pastramis on the smoker but no way are they as good as Katz. That's the gold standard in my book.

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