Smoking a packer corned beef on a pellet grill

Discussion in 'Beef' started by idahopz, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Purchased a Davy Crockett last spring and one of my first cooks was an 18 lb corned beef brisket.  The Davy is wireless, and the app monitors the chamber temp as well as the meat probe. Cooked on the Davy for 2 hours @ 275F and then foiled into the oven for another 2 hrs @ 250F.

    This was one large chunk of meat!

    The app is quite good - set it and forget it for the most part

    Looks rather large in the tiny cooker

    We used this pastrami for a wide variety of dishes, from pastrami in hash browns (you have to try it to believe how good it is) to Reuben pizza

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  2. That looks Fantastic, nice job. All the things I have cooked that is still on my list    [​IMG]

  3. idahopz

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    Thanks Gary!
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    Makes the 3.8# corned beef I turned into pastrami look like a hotdog..:points:

    Do you have a separate therm to check pit temps? My Daniel Boone set temp is 30* lower than my actual grill temp...
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    Thanks mowin [​IMG]

    I haven't done separate pit temperature measurements as the unit is still rather new and I'm a bit lazy.  However, I'll measure next time because the Traeger my wife has fluctuates significantly when measured with a Thermoworks dual probe.

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