Smokin Moose, Deer and Elk

Discussion in 'Canadian Group' started by hayestp, Mar 24, 2014.

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    I live in Edmonton and love hunting and fishing.  Does anyone have any experience smoking wild game.  I  am new to smoking and got a Louisianna Grill as a wedding gift from my wife!! Pretty cool eh?  She shoots and hunts too so we have lots of meat we can smoke.  

  2. I love to smoke deer back straps and roasts, i also smoke wild turkeys whole. i dont think there is a limit to what you can do .
  3. Hi  I recently smoked some venison sausage.  Did 2 batches: hot smoked one - cold smoked the other.  I found the hot smoked to be better as it "crisped" up the casings.  But it is tough to hot smoke in Saskatchewan in the winter!  Working on making Montreal style smoked meat from venison roasts.  I have also cured & cold smoked a FRO turkey.  Bought some of those tasteless factory farmed pork chops, cured & smoked them too.  Yummy.  Good luck

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