Smoke for today - Cheddar, Swiss & Hot Pepper cheese

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by smoking b, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Well I had too much going on today to do a long smoke so I decided to smoke some cheese.

    Orange & white sharp cheddar, Swiss & hot pepper cheese. I want this to have lots of smoke flavor so I will be smoking it for 2 1/2 hours with hickory pellets in the AMNPS.

    Smoking away in the MES. I'm curious how much color they will get.

    Be back when they come out...
  2. forluvofsmoke

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    Nice start!

    Color will depend somewhat on smoke chamber temp...warmer seems to bring on more reaction, but I try to stay well below 100* or the cheese will sweat out moisture and fats. If you're smoking at cooler temps you can smoke longer. I pushed my first batch for over 4 hours at 85-100* chamber was strong, but mellowed and soaked in nicely some after a week or so wrapped-up in the fridge.

    Smoke on!!!

  3. looks great. as thick as it is i would go longer than 2.5hr . last i did was 8oz blocks and went 3 hour with pit master. it could have gone a little longer. i will try 4 hour next time. i was at 70 deg at end of smoke.

  4. Thanks Eric! Yup I try to stay under 80* when smoking cheese & smoke for different lengths of time so I have a variety to choose from. I wrap the cheese, put it in the fridge for a few days & then vacuum seal it. Then I have to hide it where I don't see it constantly!!
  5. Thanks! This cheese is gonna be used for the Superbowl. The friends I have coming aren't very experienced smoked cheese eaters so 2 1/2 hours will be plenty for this cheese with the strong flavor of hickory. I have plenty of other cheese smoked harder & with various other woods as well...
  6. jimalbert

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    Looks good B!  I did a bunch of cheeses a couple weeks ago (8oz blocks) and did them with apple.... I really liked the results and I actually favored the apple more than the hickory for some reason.  Next time I am doing some pitmasters blend to see if the jig is up or what.  Its about the best on everything else that I have done in the last few months.  Cant wait to see the final pics.
  7. pitmaster has become my go to. it is a nice blend. after i collect up more pellets i may try tweaking my own blend. but todd has done me well with the pitmaster.
  8. Thanks man - pics are on the way...

  9. Here it is right out of the smoker.

    I let it sit there for a little bit while I got out the cheese I smoked 4 days ago to vacuum seal. I sealed it up then wrapped the cheese I just smoked in plastic wrap. It will spend a few days in the fridge then get vacuum sealed too.

    I decided to reorganize my one cheese area & threw some up on the stove to get it out of my way. Figured I'd take a pic since I already had the camera handy so here is some of my smoked cheese - various types, woods & time smoked  [​IMG]
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  10. twigertwig

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    Smoking B, why not vacuum seal right away. Will that eliminate some of the smoke flavor from spreading throughout? I haven't done cheese yet, and plan on doing it soon, so just wondering.
  11. It helps keep the cheese from cracking if it spends a couple days wrapped in the fridge...
  12. roller

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    Nice cheese smoke...
  13. twigertwig

    twigertwig Fire Starter

    Thanks smoking B. I will remember that.
  14. Thanks Roller - I know you like smoked cheese  [​IMG]
  15. looks great. nice color.
  16. driedstick

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    thats some nice smokin cheezeus
  17. nepas

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    I tried to slice the pepper but i could not [​IMG]

    Nice cheese assortment

  18. Thanks [​IMG]
    Thanks Rick - I like having a variety to pick from...
  19. newsmokeguy

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    Nice cheese SB!
  20. Thanks man  [​IMG]   I go through a lot so I have to replenish on a regular basis  [​IMG]

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