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  1. Smoker has been on 9 1/2 hrs now smoking approx 10# of Summer Sausage.  Started at 120 and has been holding at 176 for the last two hours and the IT is reading at 147 and hasn't moved for the last 1 1/4 hrs.  15 degrees outside but I have attached a picture of the smoker, inclosed under deck and wood surrounding it with a piece of metal in front of it.  Did Sticks the other day with no trouble.  Any suggestions as to what to do to get this done.  Thanks[​IMG]
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    With it that cold out personally I'd kick the heat up a little to get them to finish
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    Send me the horrible results?

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Its at the stall point, no worries.

    IT of SS at 147 your close to pulling anyways.
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    I would pull them.

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