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  1. Noticed that sears has Miron Mixon Competition Pellet Blend pellets for 15.99  for 20 lbs.  With my Shop Your Way Points membership they were 13.67 plus free shipping.


    It doesn't say what wood type they are, but I just ordered a bag to see how they work.
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    I bought a Pitmaster Q3 pellet cooker at sears little over a month ago and bought a 20# bag of pellets.  The say they are a Competition Mix on the bag.   They generated good smoke, but I cook more beef than pork so I found B&B mesquite pellets at Academy to be more to my liking.  They are $11 and change and are a mix of oak and mesquite.  All wood not flavoring.  The Sears pellets worked good for me on pork butt and baby backs.  Good luck which ever way you go.
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  3. Just wanted to update on these pellets. Did a 6 hour rib cook and a couple of grilling sessions. Pellet us3 has been low and have had very little ash output. Smoke amount is decent but not as heavy as some other brands.

    I wouls say if you can get them for a good price like I did they are well worth it
  4. If you can buy in larger quantities, check out buying direct from some of the suppliers.  I'm ordering a pallet which is one ton, 50 bags, 40# each for $10.73 per bag, includes delivery.  These can be assorted any way you want from many different types of wood.  
  5. They are cooking pellets in 40. I am new to pellet but had only seen 20 in cooking 40 in heating. Could you pm me info? I was thinking of looking into buying by the pallet. We have done some pizza and pie baking. Higher temps eat the pellets. But family loved the pizza and the 2 apple pies are already gone.

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