Pork Tenderloin - small problem but turned out good.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brianr, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    So a couple weeks ago I smoked a couple of port tenderloins.  Started out by putting on a nice BBQ Rub and prepped the smoker with Applewood chips and pineapple juice in the water pan. Got it up to 225 and put it on. From reading the newsletter about a week before I did this it seemed it should only take 2-3 hours for this to get to 145.  It was going really well, smoker was keeping temp (I have the Traeger temp and meat probe with remote) and the port was rising well.  However after about 2.5 hours it seemed to stop at 135 and would not go any higher. I left it on for an extra 1.5 hours and in that time it never moved from 135.  I finally finished it on the grill to get it to 145+ as my family was hungry and sick of waiting.

    Overall, it turned out great. My family really like grilled port loin and they found this so much better.  Actually finishing it on the grill was a good idea as it help give it a bit of crust on the outside.  Anyway, is that normal for it to cook like that and stop?  This was my first pork loin that I smoked so looking for advice or thoughts on what happened.

    If it matters, I have a masterbuilt propane smoker and the outside temp was around 30.




  2. Hi Brian, pork loins looked nice I usually tie my loins together usually leads to a more tender roast outside temp could be a factor try upping your heat to 250deg should help with that final bump to 145 don't forget to cover loosely with foil allow to rest good 10min. That's pretty cold outside temp was it windy make sure to check your smoker temp it may have dropped and that can cause a stall. All and all looked great nice first attempt. Remember practice makes perfect and besides everything in between is still delicious. Have fun keep on smoking!!:grilling_smilie: here is the loins I tried and smoked Sunday

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