Pork Tenderloin in Red Wine w/ Rosemary and Bacon

Discussion in 'Pork' started by get smoked, May 26, 2011.

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    Ok, so here goes. 

    This is my first post with "Q View," so bare with me.  I would definately appreciate your thoughts and advice on how I could have done this better.  It came out fantastic considering I threw this together last minute last night before the girl got home from work.  I grabbed a pork tenderloin from the grocery store and threw it in a ziplock with some left over table wine (pinot noir).  It sat there in the fridge for about 30 minutes while I was getting the grill up to temp.  I got the coals going and the grill heated up to about 250 - 300.  With only an hour and a half to work with I figured I was going to just smoke it at that temp range and then crisp it in the end to color it up a little.  Put the pork on at about 5:30.  I put the two pieces in a tin pan over a couple of sprigs each of rosemary I picked from my humble little vegetable garden, and poured in about a cup of the pinot noir.  I wasn't really going by a recipe, just shooting from the hip, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 





    You'll see from the pics just how big a temp difference i was reading between the stock thermometer and the two I added on each side near grill height.  I was reading about 50 degrees hotter on each of the two I added versus on the one that came with the grill. 


    I checked the pork at about 6:30 and they were looking good.  They were starting to firm up a little bit and the bacon I put on top was coming along nicely.  By the way, I was using lump charcoal with soaked apple wood chunks for a little flavor.  I added another two chunks at 6:30.


    I have a little oven thermometer that I layed on the grill top right next to it that was reading 250 when I checked it at 6:30.


    I had to pick the girl up at quarter after 7, so at about 7 on my way out the door I threw my last chunk of apple in the SFB on my way out the door.  The temps at grill height were still reading an even 250.  I love this smoker.  You'll see from the yard pics there's a bit of a slant in my backyard.  I've noticed that when the smoker isn't level, specifically with the SFB is on the high side, I have trouble getting the grill temp high enough.  Now that I have it leveled out, and given that it was a little warm and not breezy yesterday evening, I had no trouble at all.  That dryer vent seems to be helping even out and maintain the heat a little too.  I haven't really used the smoker yet for a long smoke (>2.5 hrs.), but will be tryer her out this weekend with a butt (my first!!!!!  I'M SO FREEEEAAAAAKIN EXCITED!!!) *clears throat*   sorry.  Anyway, back to the pork.

    I took off at around 7 and was back by 7:30.  I checked the tenderloins with this cheap little fast sense meat thermo I got at a hardware store and it said the big piece was running at about 145 and the little piece was running at about 160.  (Can't wait for my ET-732 to get here.   Should be in today or tomorrow.)  I pulled them both.  By then the lump coal was dying down, yet still pretty hot, so I put them in the SFB on the grill there to crisp them up a little for about a minute or so on each side.  Then I pulled em and took them inside to rest for about 15 min.  And that's about it. 


    I forgot to take a picture of it sliced up, but I will do that this evening when I get home.  It was a thing of beauty let me tell you.  They both tasted awesome, but the small one was just a little dryer than the bigger one.  I'm thinking it's probably because it's,   well,   smaller and got hotter.  The girl loved absolutely loved it! 

    Any thoughts on how I could improve?  Sock it to me.

    Get Smoked!
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    I never tried it in the pan with any liquid? Seems like it came out ok. I would try taking them out at about 140 & foil them up until the coast to around 145. That's how I do mine & they seem to be pretty juicy!
  3. get smoked

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    Thanks a lot!  I will definately give that a try next time.  The big one was pretty juicy.  The small one was a tad on the dry side, but still very flavorful.  I got a thermometer coming that should help me remotely monitor temps in real time.  That should help.  Have you ever heard of a probe thermometer that could somehow send info to your smart phone?  That would be pretty sweet.   
  4. scarbelly

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    They look like they came out well. Did you get much wine flavor on the meat? I think I would add some garlic cloves to the pan next time - you can always crush them up into some smashed taters for extra flavor.
  5. get smoked

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    I did actually.  I could definately taste the wine.  It wasn't too strong.  Garlic would have been a good idea.  I put it in almost everything I eat, it seems.  The girl is not a big fan, though.  Next time, ...  Next time.   Thanks!
  6. smokinal

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    Glad they turned out well they sure look good.
  7. I've never done a tenderloin in a pan with liquid.  It looks as though yours turned out great.  I'm going to give your method a try with my next smoke.  I wished that I had some one like Realtorterry to advise me years ago.  I never liked pork tenderloin because I always overcooked them to 160*.  The last one came off at 143*.  What difference.  Great Q view.  [​IMG]
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    Looks like you did a nice job on those T-loins,

    Your (first) Q-view looks good, Except for the sliced (money shot) pics [​IMG]  But i'm sure you won't let that happen again  [​IMG]

    You did a great job,

    Thanks for sharin' [​IMG]

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