Only in New Orleans

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    There was once a sports radio legend call Buddy D in the Big Easy
    Buddy lived and died the Saints for over 40 years, even going so far as to take responsibility for convincing management to hire Mike Ditka, He named clueless callers "Squirrels", and mangled every word. To say Mitsubishi was a classic. Over the long suffering years of night after night speaking about Bag Heads, Aints, and Russel Erxleben Buddy would fend off questions about playoffs and the Super Bowl.

    Buddy once made the promise that if the Saints ever make it to the Superbowl he would appear in public wearing a Dress. Buddy has passed but his legacy has lived on in the form of retired Saints (and Atlanta) QB Bobby Hebert. I am happy to say that Bobby has decided to fulfill the promise Buddy D made to New Orleans. This Sunday afternoon Bobby will lead a parade of sportscasters, newsmen, athletes and Saints fans down Poydras Ave to the French Quarter. Required attire is a nice dress.

    WWL Radio expects thousands of men to participate in the parade and many tens of thousands to join in along the parade route.

    ONLY IN NEW ORLEANS God I love living here.

    Al Blancher
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    Being a lover of the great city of New Orleans I am really happy that they have made it to the super bowl and I too wish them all the luck in the world to beat the pants off of PP Manning. Oh yea maybe the PP's dad too. I think Peyton would look good in a dress marching down Bourbin street.

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    I suspect any other year, Archie, Peyton and Eli would be wearing a dress, itscommon knowledge they all love that town.
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    Boudreaux is living it up, too!

    Love my man Bobby and the late Buddy D.

    Lived down in Lousy-ana for 20+ years. As a kid, some of my most fond memories were being able to "score" tickets to see Archie and the Aints in the 8th Wonder of the World (Superdome). I knew they weren't very good, but was a ton of fun.

    Bobby was also on my list of favorites. The Cajun Cannon is/was an interesting guy.

    Who dat?
  5. Who Dat, Who Dat say they gone beat those Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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