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    I've had my pit for about a month now and seasoned it the first time I fire it up. I've cooked on it twice now since then and all is good with what I've cooked. First was a brisket and second was two racks of ribs. Here are some pictures of the inside of my pit and just wanted to see if it is normal..
  2. Looks normal for a new pit. What knind of pit is it? How about a pic of the whole pit.

    Happy smoken.

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    OK I was want to make sure first time with a new nice smoker...its old country BBQ pits
  5. J looks good to me. i have one of the old country ones to. very nice pits. i bought the ranch hand model and it works great! the inside looks normal. have you tried a boston butt yet? takes a while but it is so worth it! how is yours in the wind? i found mine can be a bit finiky i have to thrn the stack into the wind and the fire box away from it due to drafting but not a big deal.
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