Nother BBQ team name help thread.

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  1. So I have been at the point of pulling the fews hairs I do have left out trying to come up with a better team name, current name was just a spur of the moment somthing to get me into a few comps ( placed top 5 in 6 comps last year) So Im on the hunt for an improved name, something that kinda pushes the limits, only adults will get, boarderline ....etc. I've seen some great ones... Dr. Sqeaulgood, Aww Hell, sweet racks n smokin butts. So folks can ya help me out?
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    Checked on Google and didn't find any of these.

    Rib Kiss'n BBQ (or Rib Kissers BBQ)

    If you have a bass or ski boat:  Motorboat'n Ribs n' Butts BBQ  

    Leave'm Messy BBQ

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