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    Hi all,

    Newbie from Canada here. I just purchased a Traegar Century about 1.5 months ago.Iv'e had a great time with it so far but since we just moved into a new house have not had time to make the really serious stuff yet. So far have cooked several chickens and burgers on it, as well as sides and snacks such as corn and almonds. My plan for the next two weekends is to finally do ribs and brisket. Would definitely appreciate some advice about those but I will post another thread about it in the appropriate place! 
  2. Welcome to the forum. You will meet alot of great people with alot of great info.
    Go to the forum page and look up what you are wanting to make lots of ideas out there.
    Welcome papa t Michigan.
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    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!


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