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Discussion in 'Fish' started by gensmoke, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. gensmoke

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    Just threw some salmon in my electric smoker after soaking in brine for 20 hrs and air drying for 2 1/2 hrs but i did not rinse after taking out of brine?? Did  I just ruin my salmon? I have it set at 140 for 3hrs
  2. rbranstner

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    Depends on how much salt you have in your brine. If it was really salty and the meat absorbed a lot of salt I wouldn't think a quick rinse wouldn't do anything anyway you would have to soak it to help remove the salt but being it was in there for 20 hours it could be a little on the salty side but I don't think you ruined it by any means. If it ends up being to salty just eat it with some crackers or even better mix it with some cream cheese and make up a good salmon spread.

    How long have they been in the smoker? Can you pull one out and do a quick fry test and check to see how salty they are? If they have been in the smoker for a while you might just need to cross your fingers and hope they turn out.
  3. gensmoke

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    in for an hr so far. i will cross fingers. this is my second run at it, last try i did not soak in brine at all and it was better than store bought but far from salty enough. I am a huge fan of smoked food and our local meat market burned down last year then left town so I am trying to do it myself now. Thanks to you guys I might stand a chance at some good food again.
  4. gensmoke

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    oh yea i had 2 cups water 1/4 cup sea salt 1/4 cup brown sugar and some mixed seasonings
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    Hey Gen! I don't know anything about fish so I can't help you, Sorry! But I wanted to let you know I moved your thread to the "Fish" forum, I think you will get a lot better exposure to your questions over there. 

    Also I see this is your first post here, when you get a minute would you do us a favor and go to "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can get to know you and give you a proper welcome, also would you add your location to your profile, we like knowing where you are when we talk to you, Thanks!
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