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  1. Hello everybody!

    My name is Jamie and I am from Colorado. I just started smoking, and I recently bought a Trager for a smoker. I heard many good things about them, so I figured I would pick one up! So far, I have only smoked ribs, which was kind of a failure. I've been going off their booklet for advise. I was told forums were the best way to start, so here I am.

    I am smoking a pork boneless picnic roast(I asked for porkbutt or shoulder, but he gave me that). I have it in a brine right now, and it weighs 3.835 pounds. Currently, the plan is to finish my brine by 12pm, then slap the rub on,(store bought rub as well). At 6am, I am going to throw it in. I'm really not sure how long it will take. I was told it should take 2 hours per pound, but for some reason that does not sound right. Also, I was told to foil the pork an half an hour to an hour before it finishes. Obviously, I've heard a million things and just picked what was the overall message. Please, let me know what ya'll think. Sorry, I am a rookie. Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum Jamie!  That picnic should smoke up just fine.  Set your smoker for 250 and smoke the shoulder till an IT of 205 and you're good.  You can wrap it in foil once it hits 165 and crank up the heat if time is an issue.  Start a thread in the pork section, I want to see how this turns out!  [​IMG]

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  3. I appreciate it!
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    Hi Jamie


    to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!


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