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Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by frostop, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Got another question for the experts!!

    Has anyone used metal roofing material for lining there smoker?

    I have started my build out of an 80's vintage fridge, took me 2-3hrs to get it stripped down to just the shell.

    I ditched everything but the shell. I have got the inner frame pretty much built.(pic's to come)

    I have been struggling with the lining, I would really like to line it with stainless but the cost is more than I would like to spend at this time, I considered Durarock but I am thinking that it absorbs more heat than it would contain in the smoker?

    I have a bunch of roofing material, and I know that I would have to season the unit well since it has paint on it, but what do you all think about roofing material?

  2. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I used it on the outside of my smoker. I would think it would be ok. The Durarock takes a little longer to initially heat up but make for more stable smoker temps. With insulation behind the Durarock it would just heat up and stay at smoker temp.

    I can get my smoker to 390 and have noticed that it does not get hot enough to clean any of the smoke residue off the walls. I would think the powder coating on the roofing would not be a problem. I'm just guessing about that part. Hopefully someone has used it and will post some info.
  3. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Gary, afternoon....   Roofing will work just fine....  Baked finish... Almost fireproof....   Take pictures....   we love pics... (Q-Views)

  4. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Thanks for the reply's guys!!!

    Gonna try and make the roofing work.

    I will try and get some pic's loaded on here next week for you viewing pleasure.

    It won't be completed but it should be fairly well along.

  5. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Well as promised here are some pic's of the Build.

    This is how far I have gotten so far. The plan at this point is to use a brinkman element.

    The lower section is going to get lined with Durock and the upper portion is going to get stainless.

    I was going to try and use metal roofing but after taking a good look, decided to just bite the bullet and go with stainless.

    All of which will be insulated with roxull insulation.

    The outer door I think I will cover with diamond plate aluminum.

    As you can see I tend to over build things but I figured that I am only going to do this once.
  6. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Doing it right, and building it once will save you lots of time and money....

  7. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Well, I finally came up with some more funds and made some more progress on the smoker!

    Got her insulated with Roxull and the stainless interior and durock on the lower area and a temporary panel on the outside of the door.

    Did a test burn without insulation on the door and got it up to 190 in an hour or so.

    Just need to get the inner door insulated and covered with stainless!

    Than I need to get the pid figured out-a lot of you have done the pid with parts from auberins, anyone got a parts list that they can offer up???

    Thank you in advance

  8. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    I did get the door insulated and sheeted with stainless, will be picking up the angle iron today for rack hangers. Will probably get it smokin this weekend.

    Went ahead and heated it up last week and got it up to 220, took about an hour and half to get there but that seems acceptable.

    Will probably get the parts for the PID ordered next week?

  9. What R value of roxul did you use and how many bundles did it take?
  10. bill mt top

    bill mt top Fire Starter

    I'm pretty new at this myself, Gary. But, I would go with more heat. When it's colder, that hour and a half to reach that temp will take even longer, I would think. Looking good though!
  11. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    BigBell,  I don't recall the actual R Value but I used one batt and the batts were 3" thick and I think 16"x48"? One batt was just enough!!

    Well I pretty much have got this thing done, the cabinet is done and seasoned!

    Now all I have to do is get the PID put together and the thermocouple mounted!

    One question I have is where to mount the thermocouple, I am assuming that centrally located is the way to go, in the area of the second or third rack down?

    As far as the amount of time that it takes to get up to temp, I am hoping that with some playing with the air flow I will be able to get it up to temp quicker. While seasoning I had it pretty much shut down and was able to get it up to 240. My hope is when I initially turn it on if I shut it down the temp will come up quicker, time will tell. I will update when the time comes!

    I want to thank all on this site, I have spent a fair amount of time just reading posts of all of your builds and they were all a great help when it came building this smoker!! Again Thank You All!!
  12. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Just a note of caution.......    If you fire up the smoker with those pans in that position, you will seriously overheat the bottom of the smoker.... 

    The heat can't rise in the smoker....   The pans are blocking the heat.......     Air flow is critical in a smoker.....   


  13. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter


    I'll keep an eye on that, there is actually a lot of room around those pans but the picture doesn't show it very well.
  14. That's lookin Quality! Nice work Dude!
  15. Looks nice!  Are those aluminum angle irons for your self bracket?  How are you anchoring the dowels?  I opted to go with dowels on my build as well and I'm cutting slits into the ends of the dowels so I can slide them onto the angle.  May I ask what gauge and how much that stainless cost you?  Thanks!
  16. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    The stainless is 20 guage and it wasn't cheap, around $400. Yes I used aluminum angle, as far as the dowel I didn't notch them or anything was gonna play that by ear, kinda figured that when they are loaded with sausage the weight would hold them in place.

    I spent more than I really wanted to but I figured that this was a one time thing and I still spent less than if I had gone and bought something comparable in size, probably at least half!

    Thanks for the compliments

  17. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Well for now it is done until summer. Wait till it's warm again to give a paint job.

    Got the controller working and figuring out the finer points of the controller.

    Than I just need to come up with something to smoke, I think that some Kokanee Kandy is in order!![​IMG]

  18. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter

    Well I smoked up some of those Kokanee the weekend before last and the smoker came up to 170 very quickly, wasn't sure how much smoker chips to use etc. so I just used one pan of  hickory chips and an amns full of apple dust and lit it at both ends, this turned out to be plenty of smoke and really didn't need the amns at all. Next time I will just do one or the other.

    The Kokanee came out great, that being said I am going to adjust the recipe to my taste just a little.
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  19. mtndew21

    mtndew21 Newbie

    What's parts for the PID did you use?

    What size exhaust did you use?
  20. frostop

    frostop Fire Starter


    Sorry for the late reply, I am not on this site that much anymore.

    For exhaust I used a Home forced air vent, I think it is a 4"x10".

    The box and misc. I got from Radio Shack. All the other parts I got from Auberins.

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