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  1. After reading through numerous posts, and having a bit of frustration trying to smoke on the Kettle, I talked my wife into going out to look for a new smoker today. I already looked into getting a Char-Griller and was able to find one for a good price at HEB Plus here in San Antonio for $139 plus a $10 gift card which they let us use as a discount! So it came out to $129! The Smokin' Pro is advertised on the Char-Griller website for $180. Lowes sold the grill and smoke box separate for $185. I think I got a pretty good deal...[​IMG]

    If anyone has any suggestions for seasoning, mods, etc., I'd like to here them. Also, if anyone has one and would like to let me know how it's been working for them, I'd appreciate it.

    I can't wait to get this thing up and running so that I can smoke something!!
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  3. Thanks a lot! I have already found the sticky and have gotten a few ideas to "fix" the new smoker.
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    I have the Silver Smoker. The mods I made were to clean it at the car wash then it dried mostly on the way home in the trailer; securely strapped down. I used Aluminum foil to make a baffle and to extend the smoke stack the first couple of times to determine if I wanted to make those mods and I did. I made a charcoal basket out of expanded steel mesh about 10 in x 14 in x 5 in deep. I cut 2 angle irons 12 1/2 in long and wired to the bottom of the basket to hold it off the bottom of the firebox and get better airflow. I took red head gasket sealant ( from WalMart) and went around where the doors laid when closed. I put Plastic Wrap around the doors and sprayed with Pam and then closed the doors and let it set in the sun for the rest of the day and overnight. Then removed the plastic wrap and it works pretty good; looks are not important to me. I seasoned it with Pam and put in the hot charcoal from the starter stacks. After about 45 minutes I put on the first 3 fatties made with Jimmy Dean's sausage and WOW. I'm hooked for good. I put the Wood Chips in a double foiled pouch I make each time with some holes poked in it and I cannot complain. I am sure it will only get better. Lots of Luck to you and Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO.
  5. Thanks for the tips, agmeyer. I am already thinking about extending the stack and creating some sort of baffle for now. When I get more time I will probably work on improving the smoke box and maybe adding tuning plates.

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