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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stylez777, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    So I have had my Propane smoker for about a year now (Smoke hollow pro 44) and I have smoked a bunch of ribs in it and some turkey's that have come out great!  I have had an issue with wood chips / chunks and I tried to google a solution but couldn't find an answer.

    My propane smoker is a dual burner (I only use 1 burner) and the woodchip box is right above the burner.  I normally place either a bunch of wood chips or a few wood chunks in the box put the top on and place it in it's spot. Very rarely if at all will the chunks or chips turn to ash.  They normally just turn all black and it appears to not be smoking (usually after an hour).  Am I doing something wrong?  The temp is normally at 225 for ribs or 250 when I do Turkey. I also used pellets in the woodchip box once and that was a disaster!  They caught on fire and it was a pain to get the box out and not ruin my smoke.  Why would my wood turn all black but not turn to ash like everyone else does?

    I want to start doing butts and I know they normally take a long time and if I have to keep putting wood in every hour or so that doesn't really workout well for me.  Are there any other solutions?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Are you soaking the chips / chunks?

    I will do a combo.  Some soaked and a handful of dry chips.  The dry chips will start quickly and the soaked chunks will take a bit to dry out and start smoldering.

    Also is your wood chip pan cast iron?  I took out the factory pan and use a small oven roaster pan that sits nicely on the rack right above the burner.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    No i have never soaked the wood chips.  I had read early on that soaked wood chips would let off steam until all the water evaporated and then they would start to actually smoke. I guess it doesn't hurt to give it a try though and see what happens.

    The chip box that came with my smoker is a dark metal, maybe aluminum or steel, certainly not Cast Iron.  I thought about picking up a cast iron box or pan to use but not sure if it would fit because it is pretty tight once the current box goes.  There is maybe 1/4" or 1/3" between the chip box lid and the bottom of the water pan.  I actually tried a smoke without the water pan to see if more air circulating above the box would help but only some turned to ash but most were still in tact but really dark black.
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    Thanks Al,

    I actually have the small tube one I use for my propane grill.  I never really thought to use it in my smoker, because...well it is a smoker, it is supposed to do the smoking. lol.  I'll try my tube in a short smoke and see how it fairs and maybe invest in the AMNPS tray for longer smokes like butts and such.

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