My First Pastrami

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    After much wrangling here in Brazil fro everything to do this with (its an experiment for business) I have my brisket on the Weber/smoker doing its thing. Its just crazy the smell. Im using Brazilian Goiaba wood for the smoke. Im using a pan of apple juice mixed with the soak water from the wood and its outrageous. I have 2 pieces at about 2 lbs each going for about 3.5 hrs right now. Im monitoring the internal temp of the meat with a probe thermo and its steady at about 160 deg. the coal/wood is about 275. It spikes so it a real dance to maintain the right temp. I will keep it in the smoke till the rest of the wood is gone and finish at low temp in the oven. Another pan of juice/water at about 200 for a couple hrs. There is no moisture loss at all, or very little and so. Sorry to repeat this, but the smell is just awesome. I opened up the Weber a bit ago and basted the pieces with some fresh apple juice. I must be doing something right. Its not burned outside and the temp is holding.

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  2. It should be good. Remember to post some sliced pics.

    Happy smoken.


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