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  1. Anyone have any good ideas as too how to keep my AMNS from burning out in my MES 40? I get the pellets going real good and then after placing it on the bottom near the heating element, it will burn out after 10-15 minutes. Now, sometimes it work like a champ and will go for 12 hours......other times it will burn out after just a few minutes. I know it seems like it's suffocating, but at other times/days/ it works great.

    I have moved the chip tray out a bit and messed with the chip unloader, too. I think it may have to do with the direction and severity of the wind.....just looking for ideas. When it works, it's the best.....

    I have the top vent open completely as well.



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    Besides pulling out the chip tray and loader, here are some other things I have done.

    I put a soup can (small size), with both ends cut out, into the vent hole -- it fits well enough, then I have a slightly bigger duct elbow extending that, and bending the flow.  I position it so it flows with the wind, minimizing air flow back in through the vent.

    What seems to help the most though is this.  I microwave my pellets for about 2 minutes, then put them into the AMNPS into the smoker while it heats up.  When it's nearly at the temp I want (yesterday, that was about 45-50 minutes), I pull it out, light it good and let it burn for about 10 minutes.  Then I blow it out,and get it  started again, let that burn for a few minutes, then put it inside the MES.

    Once I started that last step (nuking, etc.), I have had no problems at all with keeping it lit.

    Good luck!

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