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  1. I have several meat thermos, a Polder meat/oven that I have used and abused for 5 years or so. The probe has been submerged, dropped, left in the smoker for 12 hour smokes, still dead on. How do I know this? I also have a thermoworks 2K, two thermopens and another older Polder thermometer. (I love gadgets) Been hesitating on the ET-732 because of the probe issues. I like the remote thing though so I finally bought one. Took it out of the box put the oven probe in 225, good, probed the meat, HHH, probe is no @#%&* good right out of the box. Get some decent probes! Maybe it's just me but I don't get the high accolades for this thing. Sorry for the rant.
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    Yes, the probes are finicky. However, it does work pretty well. The HHH issue is usually solved by unplugging then reinserting the plug end of the probe. This happened to mine the first time out of the box and I've had no issues since. Also, remember to plug in your probes with both units off. Then turn on the receiver first, immediately followed (within 10 seconds or so) by the transmitter. It should immediately sync up and stay that way. Sorry you're having issues, but try it again and I think you'll find it's a pretty good little unit.
  3. Yeah I'm over it now. Tried al that stuff, still no go. Get a new probe coming and try again. Thanks


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