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    My step father brought over 8 mallard duck breast to smoke tomorrow with a few other items. I have them in slaughterhouse brine right now. I was expecting much larger breast, I would guess about a 1/4 lb or less. My thought is to smoke them hot and fast to an IT around 140. I'm thinking about giving them a shot of Tony C's before they hit the smoker. I will pull and rinse them tomorrow morning giving them about 12hrs in the brine. I plan on letting them air dry in the fridge for at least 4hrs. Am I approaching this correctly? I am open for any suggestions.
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    I think they will be great, I personally would bacon wrap them to give them some fat, but that's your choice.

    Another favorite way we do mallard is brine them, then cut a pocket in the breast, stuff with a mixture of: cream cheese, finely chopped jalapeno pepper and some Tony's or seasoning salt. Then of course bacon wrap, we put them on a hot grill but I don't know why a smoker wouldn't work as long a you really sealed them up good with toothpicks.  


    Maybe try half each way...

    Best of luck let us know how they turn out.  

    Check out my Goose Pastrami recipe, you can use Mallard in it, hell I know a lot guys that use diver in it and a corned duck/goose recipe.
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