Looked at the Green Mountain Grills today.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mowin, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I've been researching pellet grills, and the GMG's and Rec-tec's are the two I've narrowed it down to. Went and looked at the Davy Crockett. Man is it small. But I liked the price. The Daniel Boone is a little to big, but a better fit for my needs. I wasn't overly impressed with the thickness of the steel. Look like a nice grill, but I wish I knew someone near me that had a RT mini i could look at.

    So which one should I choose. The GMG DB non wifi, or the Rec-Tec Mini? The RT-680 isn't a option due to the cost.
  2. sawinredneck

    sawinredneck Meat Mopper

    I think I've talked myself out of the DC grill. It's cool, it's convient and offers a lot of versatility, but it's so small! Two slabs of ribs? A smallish brisket? I think if I do make the switch from a stick burner to pellets, I'm gonna want to be able to do the big smokes as well, just easier.
    I also agree on what you found with the GMG grills, really hard to beat for the money, just have to save up my pennies now!
  3. My cousin has a Green Mountain Grill and loves it to the point that my other cousin who has tregars (yea he has one to cook and one for spare parts and experiments) is going to steal it from him one day when he isn't looking. Heard nothing but good about GMG
  4. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I like the 6 yr warranty on the rec tec. The mini is a good looking grill. I dont think either grill is a bad choice..
    My b-day is in Nov, maybe its time to leave hints laying around the house...:biggrin:
  5. muralboy

    muralboy Smoking Fanatic

    I looked at RecTec and ended up going with the PelletPro627. Bigger than the mini and other smaller grills but not as big as the larger RT.

    Good compromise in size and good value for money. Had since Father's Day. Love it
  6. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    I looked into the PP627. Definitely a nice grill, but out of my price range. Looking to keep it at $600
  7. I purchased a Davy Crockett back in April. I love it. Don't let the construction looks full you. They are well built and hold temp better then you think. I've got the WIFI model and it makes your cooks so much easier. You won't be disappointed if you get one.
  8. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I've had my GMG DB for 2 yrs now & really enjoy it ! The thickness of the metal has never been an issue for me at least... I've smoked in -20* weather & it chugged along just fine, used a few extra pellets but at that temp I was expecting that ! I also know some RT owners on here that are real happy with that smoker as well ! Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong on either one ! 🍻
  9. big-b-bbq

    big-b-bbq Newbie

    Just bought DB last week having trouble with temp. My maverick thermometers read 50 degrees hotter than digital display on smoker. I am wandering if anyone else havery had same problem and how they corrected
  10. cars

    cars Newbie

    I would contact your dealer.  There seems to be a bunch of different versions of heat shields, drip pans, etc. coming out the last 6 months.   2 people ordering on the same day are getting different versions. 

    Mine is so old it isn't even named after a frontiersman!  So the dealer or rep is probably the best person to answer your questions.

    Good luck!  They are great units!!
  11. jcjack

    jcjack Newbie

    Just picked up my DB yesterday.  Like you, I was torn between the Rectec standard version and the GMG grill.  The Rectec was much bigger and had the all stainless steel construction.  The GMG DB, although smaller in surface area, still had enough room for four pork shoulders at once.  Moreover, it was $300 cheaper!  Add in the wifi, a built in food thermometer, as well as other features not found on the Rectec, and I was sold.  What made it easy was there was a dealer 20 minutes away from me and they had the smokers in stock.  Rectec would have had to ship theirs to me (add $150 shipping and wait time).  I was able to purchase my GMG DB, burn it in yesterday and now am running my first smoke on it.

    I'm already impressed.  Both for the burn in and to start the shoulder at 6am today, the temps came up quickly.  I love the programmable link to my iPhone where I was able to set a profile for the shoulder (150F for two hours to get some deep smokiness in and then switch to 250F until the shoulder reaches 195F).  The great thing was with the profile, I literally programmed it in and then went back to bed!!  Woke up three hours later and the profile had already completed stage one (150F/2 hours) and had automatically cranked up the temp to 250.  Its measuring the food temps now and seems pretty accurate.  I may not have needed the 2 hour pre-smoke as there appears to be a good thin stream of nice bluish smoke coming out of the chimney.  Can't wait to see how it turns out in a few hours!

    So far, I highly recommend the GMG DB.  I paid just under $800 for the wifi unit, a 30 lb. (approx.) bag of GMG pellets and a custom cover.  Again, Rectec was $300 more AND with a delivery charge of $150.  They are having a sale right now through Labor day.  Helped push me over the edge.  Hope this helps!
  12. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Congrats on the GMG. I love mine.

    I would definitely get a good digital thermometer like a maverick 732 or igrill2.

    My set temp is definitely different then actual grate temp.
    I also use todds AMNTS for added smoke flavor. Without it i don't get the smoke flavor i like.

    I found pellets make a huge difference in smokeness. Most are 100% hardwood, but the base is alder or oak, 60%, and the flavor wood is the remaining 40%.
    Look for 100% hickory, apple ect. I'm using Lumberjack 100% hickory and it's a nigh and day difference from the blended pellets.

    Look forward to seeing some tasty qview. Thumbs Up
  13. paul6

    paul6 Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    My son has one ( DB ) and loves it , only thing I would suggest is the Amazen Tube for more smoke .
  14. tikigriller

    tikigriller Smoke Blower

    I went and looked at the GMG today.  Was overall impressed with the construction.  Door was a little flimsy, but overall, seemed like a nice unit.  Torn on if I do the Jim Bowie or the Daniel Boone.  i like the idea of the larger size, but I just don't know if I am going to need it.  Still have a large charcoal grill for times when I have to have the extra space.

    One question you all may know....I wish the grill racks were of thicker quality.  Is it possible to upgrade the racks, or are they tuned to the way the unit is built?

    So this is what I am down to:

    2 year old Traeger 075--$300

    Daniel Boone WiFi-$699

    Jim Bowie Wifi--$999

    3 day used Yoder s640 for $1250

    So hard to make a darn choice!!  Going to be even tougher to choose the first cook!
  15. gomez93

    gomez93 Meat Mopper

    I have a GMG DB and like it very much. I also bought a front shelf and mounted it on the inside which almost doubles the capacity.
  16. tikigriller

    tikigriller Smoke Blower

    Purchase made. GMG DB wifi

    The price and my ability to control the grill by wifi so my wife can cook things when I am not there or running late helped a lot. I also became real with myself that I am not of the level cook that really warrants me spending the extra money for a Yoder or above. REc Tec and my inability to touch it kept me away from them.

    Headed home to put it together and get going. Any recommendations for a quick break in prior to making some filets tonight?
  17. gomez93

    gomez93 Meat Mopper

    30 minutes at 350° to burn off manufacturing oils and you'll be ready to cook.
  18. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Congrats on the DB. Looking forward to seeing some qview.
  19. tikigriller

    tikigriller Smoke Blower

    What a bummer...didn't even make it out of the Burn In Stage.  Appears as though my Hopper Fan is bad.  Wasn't holding temp and all my smoke was coming out of the hopper box instead of the chimney.  I called tech support and she was very helpful, but here I have my new toy with Filets in the Fridge waiting for dinner tonight, and I am not even going to get to use the GMG.  Not a good start.......not a good start at all.

    One of the legs was also missing a lot that never showed up, so as soon as it cools down, I am going to make sure it is not stuck in the fan causing the issue.
  20. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Well, that sucks...

    Glad CS is on top of it tho

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