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  1. Hi,

    I live in St. Augustine fl.  Stumbled across a smoked meat stand and bought some ribs.  That was it.  I used the calculator and made me a smoker out of two propane tanks.  Never welded before but it turned out very good "I think". 

    Burned the heck out of everything the first time.  It is not reverseflow but I welded a SS waterpan over the fire entrance into the cooking chamber.  Should I move the stack to the other side and make it reverse flow?  Boston but came out like a rock!  I used oak wood split and seasoned for 1 year.  Exhaust is level with grate.  Made a wood container out of expanded metal with angle iron braces for inside the fire box.  Fire box is 1/3 size cooking chamber.  T handle on removable cooking great.

     1. How do I not make me meat into a rock?

    2. How do I know how hot it is?

    How long do I smoke, my neiber said all day long!  enter boston rock

    I followed the instructions after I played with my new welder.

    don't really know what to ask other than help.

    Is there some where where I can go that is like Smoking for newbees, start here.
  2. gearjammer

    gearjammer Master of the Pit

    Hello and welcome, I'm pretty much a newbie myself but I know one great trick.

    That great trick is you go up in the right side of the page, you will see a magnifying glass looking kind of thing.

    Hit that and type in    Bear steps    or type in    sfpranksters misadventures. That will take you to step by step recipes, times, temperatures,

    any special procedures they are very good either one.

    Follow them it makes it pretty hard to go wrong.

    One thing you will need if you don't have one is good temperature guage for your smoker and a good meat thermometer.

    If you have specific questions ask out in the forums, they will get answers.

                   Keep on smokin'                        Ed

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