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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by rabbithutch, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I picked up a JJ for $25. It has been used once. I know that is more than others have paid but it's also less than I'd have to pay at Home Depot. I've grilled with it a couple of times. I did ABTs, fresh asparagus with EVO, salt and pepper and lamb chops for my daughter's birthday this past weekend. Now I'm thinking about - what else - mods. :biggrin:

    I think a JJ with the right mods might make a decent smoker and pizza oven. Looking for SS pots and seeing what they cost and hearing how hard they are to cut, I was wondering if anyone had ever considered having the cooking chamber fabricated at a sheet metal shop. I have no idea what the steel would cost nor how much I'd have to pay for the fabrication . . . likely more than the cost of an ss pot, but I could have it done to my specs.

    Has anyone ever looked into this?
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    You can use aluminum pot,if you have the 18.5" I think an 80 qrt. fits.I did a modified version using a 52 qrt. pot.


    Good luck.


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