I'm planning on having a feast for my birthday

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  1. I'm going to be smoking two 10 butts and two 5.5 pound briskets I am wondering how long I should plan on cooking for?
  2. Also I can fit them all in at the same time
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    Your Char Griller Duo is not very big. That's A LOT of meat for that smoker. At 225-250*F you can expect at least 2 hours per pound, maybe longer, to get to 190*F on the Briskets and 200*F on the Pork. If anything gets done early you can wrap in foil and stick them in a Cooler wrapped in towels. They will stay hot for several hours. At 250-275*F it will take about 1.5 hrs/Lb. At 300+*F about 1 hour/Lb. If you have not installed a Baffle the fire box side will be very much hotter than the other side. You will need to rotate your meat around every hour so nothing burns...JJ
  4. So I can expect the brisket to get done way before the butts right?
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    YEP....That's not a big deal if you are familiar with the smoker and are good and maintaining temp. But if temps are all over the place you may add significant time to the cook. If you can, I would do the Butts a day or so ahead as they reheat nicely and do the Brisket the day of. You will get more sleep and less risk of family giving dirty looks because the meat is running over.[​IMG]  What ever time I think I need, I add 2-3 hours to cover my ass. The cooler trick will keep stuff warm and all the meat you are doing will benefit from a rest...JJ
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  6. Thanks
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    Not necessarily, depends on the nature of the meat, some cook faster than others , some take forever and some have no stall time. Keep track of your Temps. with mixed meats in there, if you are limited on your therms. , track the smallest one first (while carefully watching the others) and when IT is acomplished, remove and use the probe for another one.

    The time is ONLY a guess as to how long you will (possibly) be tied up with the cooking. That's why you should ALWAYS use temp. to know doneness.

    A Thermoworks Therm. is the "Cat's Meow" , but expen$ive...

     BUT , probes are great...

     even if it's not a dual probe , it will do you good. Less expen$ive ones can be had at the big box stores. A good investment.

     Have fun and . . .
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    HEY " OLD " GUY...You sayin' I ain't right!?! [​IMG]Naaa, I got to agree, there is a real possibility that of the two 10lb Butts, one can go longer even being close in size. Brisket can do the same. There is a huge difference in the thickness of the Brisket compared to the Butts so they will go faster, we can only guess by half but CYA!...JJ

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