how do u can?

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  1. i put some jalapones out this year and they did realy well matter of fact they did too well so how do i go about canning them?
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    Many good canners on the site and I'm sure someone will be along shortly to give you their method.
    Personally I don't water bath, my method is not preferred by most but is the way I like to do it.
    I just basically put whatever veggies in a warm sterilized jar, take a brine that I boiled and (while still very hot) pour the brine over top.
    Wipe the edges clean, tighten the caps and let sit on the counter top till cool enough to handle and then store them in the fridge.
    Keeps your veggies/peppers nice and crisp but the downside is you must store them in the fridge.
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    Here is a recipe I have, others may also have different recipes that they will post.
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    Most of the time for peppers I rinse em pack them in sterile pint jars, pour boiling white vinegar over them with 1/2 headspace, lid them and pressure can at 10LBS for 20 minutes. I do them whole and sliced this way.

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