Houston area Charity Fund Raiser BBQ Cook-off

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    Charity Fund Raiser BBQ Cook-off in D i c kinson, TX Benefiting the Children's Brain Tumor Research Foundation. 26-27 March.

    *** Prize Monies will be awarded at 70% of total entries per category after expenses, 30% of entries will go to www.cbtrf.org.

    *** Each team will be required to Donate $10 per spot for the VFW Facilities. Some water and electricity will be available for use but it is suggested to be self sufficient on electrical usage.

    1) All entries must be paid via Paypal to [email protected] or by Mail No later than (5 days before)
    If paying by check, Send check to Roger Robinson, 2702 8th Ave N. Texas City, TX 77590
    *** For payment via Paypal, please include 2.9% + 0.30 (See Chart)

    2) The chief cook on the team Must be a 2Cooler. Sign up at www.2coolfishing.com

    3) Check in and Set up will be on Friday, All teams must check in by 11:00 PM.

    4) Beef Brisket, Chicken and Pork Spare Ribs must be inspected prior to seasoning. No pre-cooked or salted meat will be allowed. (Meat will be inspected between 5pm and 11pm)

    5) Multiple Entries are Allowed. But you must buy additional spots and make additional donations to the VFW.
    It is required that a Minimum of 10 pounds of Beef Brisket is cooked per Paid Spot, Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs, Beans, Potato Salad and Bloody Mary's are all optional.

    ** The number of entries on Chicken and Ribs cannot exceed the number of Brisket entries paid for per team.

    6) All cooking must be done with wood or wood substance, no Gas or Electric cooking'. (except for beans, and potato salad)**No holes or Dug Pits Allowed.

    7) All food is to be prepared on site.

    8) A team consists of a 2Cooler Chief Cook and whoever else you want on your team.

    9) Chief Cooks are responsible for their team members, their guests and their cook sites.

    10) Only the food being judged will be put in the provided container for judging, no garnishes allowed. Any "contaminated" containers turned in will not be judged. No foil, no greenery, etc…

    11) Cooking teams must supply all their own supplies, including trash maintenance/disposal.

    12) Judging times will be posted at the park. An official cook off clock will be used to facilitate judging activities. All food samples will be requested (10) Minutes before the designated time, all entries must be received at the judging area before the designated time.

    13) Judging will be on a Ten Point System, All Categories will be on first cut judging. No Second Cuts.

    14) Decisions of the Committee Chairman and Judges are Final. 2Coolfishing.com, VFW ****inson, cbtrf.com, and all cook-off committee members and benefit committee members are Not Responsible for Any Loss, Damage, Injury or Illness that might or possibly could occur during the contest or benefit.

    *** Hospitality Award *** 100% of proceeds go to Benefit
    This division is Not Mandatory and it does not cost the team any money. (Unless they want to donate that is..) Which ever team that would like to compete for the hospitality award will be given an official collection jar for donations to go to the Children's Brain Tumor Research Foundation.
    Which ever team that collects the most donations will go the prize!

    *** Chief Cooks Meeting at 9:00 AM Saturday March 27th.

    Gates will Open at 9:00 AM on Friday Morning for setting up.
    All teams must have meat available for inspection between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM Friday Evening!!!!
    Have you got what it takes?? Prove it!!! 2010 2Cool Cook Off!!
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    You cooking in it ?
  3. chef jeff tx

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    Not this time. My rigs are all gas fired and that's a no-no according to the rules so I'm just spectating, may volunteer to judge.

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