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    I have been smoking meats for about 3 yrs on a Bradly digital smoker. We do not smoke much meats but do it in bulk a one time to eat on all year long. I am not perfect that's why I'm here to learn the correct way to do this kinda thing. I mostly smoke briskets for party's every time I get conned in to it I'm getting better and better every time. I do deer, hog, turkey and so for hunting and process my own but have not really smoked any of it yet. Hopefully I will learn much more on here thanks for who have replied to my first post before the roll call Melissa.
  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas, glad you joined up

    Gary S
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    Thant you hopefully I will enjoy it very much.
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    Hope I can get use to this quote by reply it's a little different than other forums I have used

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