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  1. Hello, I am a new member here at Smoking Meat Forums and am excited about learning all I can about Smoking Meat. My name is Dan and I am using a 18 1/2 inch WSM with a BBQ Guru DigiQ. I live in Brea Calif. I am going to smoke a couple of whole chickens tomorrow and have already got a lot of info from the forums posted here. Thank you. Dan
  2. Good evening Dan. and welcome to the forum. Be sure and let us know how those yard birds turn out.  Good Luck

    Gary S

  3. First time smoking chicken. I had a frustrating time with the initial temp on my wsm. It went over 450 degrees right away. I had to vent the cover with wads of aluminum foil to get it down to 325 degrees and keep a constant watch over it. I cooked them for aprox 2 hours. I did not use any water and used the minion method with regular kingsford charcoal. Any suggestions or thoughts as to what I did wrong with the fire? All in all, I think they turned out pretty good but was A LOT of work. I cut them up and served them at my bible study pot luck last night. Everyone really liked them.
  4. The water will help drop the temp down and make it more manageable.
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  5. Thank you, I will definitely use water next time.
  6. Thanks Gary S, I just posted my results. Had a rough time. [​IMG]

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