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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by slowgo, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. slowgo

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    Looking forward to adding smoking to my cooking lineup (plus i'd really be a no count ranch-raised Texan if i didn't try smoking a big piece of meat at some point). Living in Dallas now, and i'm looking to create my own smoker out of a couple of clay pots, an electric heating element, and some hardwood for the first run at things. I figure that's a relatively inexpensive way to break in, plus i don't have to worry about fire management in addition to everything new on the first go (and the neighbors at the apt. might appreciate not having their courtyard filled up with billowing clouds of smoke...though they might like it, come to think of it). Also, it appeals to my "i need a project on an empty weekend" sense.

    I'm planning on starting with a sirloin tip for a first go, probably try to pull it. Plan on getting it started and letting it go through the night, then having plenty of meat snacks to watch football with tomorrow evening.

    Anybody ever tried the homemade ceramic smoker approach? My main concern is getting enough constant heat out of a hot plate, but i figure in a place as big as dallas, I can find one that's more powerful than your standard desk hotplate.
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    Welcome to SMF slowgo
  3. Welcome to the forum slowgo. You will for sure get answers to all of your questions here. Welcome again and happy smoke'n.
  4. cowgirl

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    Welcome to the forum slogo!
    I know there are a few here that use the clay pot method, maybe they will chime in.
    Also, for your first smoke, I'd go with a pork shoulder or butt. In my opinion they are pretty forgiving. :)
    Good luck to you and take pictures if you get the chance.[​IMG]
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    Thank you for joining our family!
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    We;cpme to the SMF. the best place to share good times with friendly folks.
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    Welcome to SMF and like Cowgirl said, we really do like Qview.
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    Welcome to the forum, slowgo. I remember seeing a smoker made from a clay pot on the food network. I believe it was on "Good Eats". Seemed to be simple to make and worked rather well.
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    Welcome to the SMF family. Glad you joined us
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    Welcome Slo! Soo...did ya git-r-done? I have never tried the clay thing, but it SHOULD work. Hotplates won't last long most likely, but ya should get a few smokes out of them. I figger if ya could "remote" the burner from the controls/plastic parts they might hang in a good while tho. Be careful, and if yer not mech/electrically inclined... just keep a spare and leave 'em stock. Enjoy! Better yet...fashion a small charcoal pan.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum. SMF is a great place to get advice. There are clay banks near here and we used to make sand fired clay pots when we were kids. I never would have thought of making a smoker from one though. Good on ya for giving it a try.
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    Welcome to the smf................Great people here and info..............

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