Had to make some sausage - Kabanosy, Spicy Sticks, Varmlandskorv, Slim Jimish Sticks & Sun Dried Tom

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  1. All the sausages being made lately got to me so I decided I needed to make some more.  I've had a butt & some beef thawing in the fridge & it was ready to start today.

    Here is the butt I started with.

    After getting rid of the bone, gland & the funky membranes.

    Starting on the beef.

    And done.

    These are going into the freeezer to stiffen up while I go down to my shop & get a few things done.

    Updates to follow...
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  2. nepas

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    There ya go, being a sausage influence again.

  3. kathrynn

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    [​IMG]  I'm in!  Awaiting your magic!
  4. jrod62

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    So what kind of sausage are you making ?
  5. [​IMG] I'm in. if you spent to much time reading SMF. you will end up with a freezer full of good stuff. it gets in your blood and you can't get it out. then you will start making things you didn't know existed. then you will start putting your own twist on things.[​IMG] HELP! WHERE DOES IT STOP?[​IMG]

    happy smoken.

  6. pgsmoker64

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    You got me B!

    What's it gonna "B" this time...  [​IMG]
  7. robbieh

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    Ohhhh the suspense!!!! 
  8. driedstick

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    I'm sure it will "B" something good [​IMG]     [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]    [​IMG]
    Coming along slowly but surely  [​IMG]
    You are 100% correct  [​IMG]      [​IMG]
  10. Ha!  Have to get some work done while all this is going on  [​IMG]
  11. Another variety of types. Kabanosy, Spicy Sticks, Varmlandskorv, Slim Jimish Sticks & Sun Dried Tomato Apple Chicken Sausage.  [​IMG]
  12. I decided to make some chicken sausage too...

    Chicken thighs.

    Couple breasts.

    Ready to grind the beef.

    Ready to grind the pork.

    Ready to grind the chicken.

    Ground beef.  [​IMG]

    Ground pork.  [​IMG]

    Ground chicken.  [​IMG]

    Diced apple.

    Taters & onions.

    Ground together.

    Sun dried tomatoes & onions ground together.

    Chicken breasts cooking to make chicken corn soup.

    Updates to follow...
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  14. kathrynn

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    Not Fair!  You keep adding things....and show us pictures that make me hungry!  Didn't get lunch today!  Hurry up!  [​IMG]
  15. lu1847

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    This looks like it will be a good one here! I'll check back on this one tomorrow. Are they by any chance smoked sun dries tomatoes? Can't wait to check it out.
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  16. Oh, man! That looks like it's gonna be awesome! I tried my 2nd batch about a month ago, but it turned out too dry (used Costco pork butts and a little bit of fat back)...was frustrating, so I wasn't sure when I'd try again, but those pics are starting to get me excited to try again...just recently found this site, so now I have a great source for tips on how to not make it bad!!

  17. Got my corn thawed out & put in. Added chicken broth, little bit of some onions I grew, some celery I grew & a little garlic. Time to let everything blend...
  18. I didn't stop for lunch today either & working with all this meat isn't helping! Soup should be done before too long  [​IMG]
    No they're not. I had someone grab them for me today & didn't get a chance to do anything at all with them other than soak them - been a busy day...
    Stick around - this is a great place!  [​IMG]
  19. The Spicy Stick recipe called for Franks Xhot but I didn't have any of that so I checked out my stock & it came down to Sudden Death or Ultra Death. Since they are spicy sticks I went with the Ultra Death      [​IMG]    [​IMG]       

    Good stuff!  [​IMG]
  20. Got the Spicy Sticks stuffed.

    Here they are waiting to get moved out of my way. Didn't get any other pics of the process for these - had to charge the camera...

    Weighing out some spices...

    Updates to follow...

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