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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by medicdvg, Nov 21, 2014.

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    I am having a huge problem with my sausages coming out with the fat leaching out of the casings.  I thought that at first it was due to poor temperature control in the smoker and the sausages were getting to hot too quickly, but then I got a better one where I am smoking at 130-150F for the first 2 hours and then at 170F until the internal temp hits 152-155F.  Even so, I am getting liquid fat in the casings which when cooled puts a layer of lard around the sausage. 

    The only other thing that I can think of is that I am using uncured pork belly for the fat in the sausage and I am wondering if I should instead use back fat or pork butt?  Anyone having this problem and give me any suggestions?

    BTW I am making 80/20% ratio for venison to pork fat, is it a ratio problem as well? 

    Thanks for the information in advance.

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    Too high of a temp or cooked too long is  the only time I have a fat problem like that. If your thermometer and smoker temps are accurate then it maybe the fat you are using. I haven't used that particular fat. I use 20% pork butt with my venison and get great results for summer sausage. The 20% pork butt is just chunks of meat with outer fat attached, not that  inner grisly type of fat. Hope this helps. CM
  3. You are getting it to hot. Have you checked your thermometer to be sure it is correct? Also remember that the temp will continue to climb after you remove it from the smoker.

    Happy smoken.

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    Yep I agree check your Thermometer - Do not always rely on the smoker Therm, as usually they are off, get yourself a good designated therm and check it. before using it. 

    Hey and looks like a welcome to the forum is due. [​IMG]  We hope you enjoy the site and pretty soon you will learn that search bar at the top will be your best friend to some very special meals. 

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    IF... and only're sure of your temps and doing everything else by the book, you may have the problem I had. As soon as my sausages saw any heat at all they'd spit out all the fat, leaving me with dry crumbly sausage. I now do 3 things with every batch of sausage and haven't had a problem since.

    1. Use the correct amount of salt as per the recipe. I was using less and I'm told that can affect the binding of the meat and fat.

    2. Mix it correctly. I wasn't mixing it enough. You want a sticky, pasty texture after its mixed. I use the kitchenaid with the paddle beater.

    3. Add nonfat dried milk powder. This shouldn't technically be necessary if 1 and 2 are followed, but I put it in just as a safety net. I use a cup per 5lbs.
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    A dull grinder can smear the fat. If when you are grinding your venison and you find the sinew is winding up on the grinder knife it is probably dull. You might find some at the end of grinding but if you have to stop several times while grinding it is dull. Always grind cold meat and fat.

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