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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpfitness, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. cpfitness

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    Hello all.  Just installed a couple of Brinkman Grill thermos at grate level on my New Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited edition.  I did the boiling water test to the thermos and they were spot on but once installed, they are not giving accurate readings versus my digital thermos in similar positions.  Any idea why?  

    FWIW, these thermos only have about a 2 inch long probe vs what I've seen most have which is a 4 inch long probe.  Could that be the issue and if so, why would it be an issue?  It's a really serious discrepency I'm seeing in the neighborhood of 30 -50 degrees.

  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Please explain a bit more , Q-view of the placement and temp. after a 30min. wait . . .maybe just slow [​IMG]

    As always . . .
  3. cpfitness

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    [​IMG]. Here is a pic. Def not slow reading. They have been like this all day

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  4. cpfitness

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    [​IMG]. Another pic. 206 vs 160.

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  5. cpfitness

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    [​IMG]. 234 vs 205

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  6. noboundaries

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    I'm no expert but I suspect there are a few things going on.  First, what's with the condensation?  Never a good sign in a measuring instrument, especially one designed for outdoor use.  Means there's a bad seal someplace in the instrument.  It won't make much difference in a new gauge but will cause internal corrosion over time, impacting accuracy.

    Second, with only a 2" probe you're only measuring the outer edges of the cooking area, plus it could be measuring the temp of the steel door.  Is there an insulation sleeve for the probe length in the door?

    Finally, do the gauges have adjustment screws?  If so, problem solved, though I suspect it would vary for other temps.    

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.  Not much hair there so thoughts escape easily.
  7. jckdanls 07

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    Is your digital probe tied to or right next to your dial probe ? or is digital probe out in the center of the rack ?
  8. cpfitness

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    it is right next to the diap probe
  9. cpfitness

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    its not an adjustment issue as I tested these in boiling water so I know that they read correctly.  As for condensation in them, I dropped it in the boiling water while testing it so yeah, there is probably a crappy seal in it.  it's $8 not worried about it not lasting forever.

    good call on the probe  in the door issue.  there is not sleeve.  perhaps it is taking the temp of the steel door.  I will remove them and see about remounting them, perhaps I need to drill a slightly larger hole
  10. cpfitness

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    BUMP!  So i've spent most of the year not using these thermos because I never got them right.  I just used my cheap digital thermos and stuck the probe through potatoes.  now 2 of those digital thermos have broken and I'd really rather use those digital thermos in the meat not in the damn chamber.  Anybody else have any ideas on the problem i'm having here?  anyone have anyidea for something I can use to insulate the hole that I'm sticking the thermo through?  some kind of silicone grommet?  down here in florida we are just now getting back into peak BBQ'in season! ;-)
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  11. timberjet

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    Weber sells silicone grommets now for their grills. I have seen them on amazon. I don't know if they would work for that application though or if the size is right but it is worth checking out. At least you could feed the probe and wire through and it wouldn't wear out so fast from shutting the door on the wire. I got one for my UDS and my Kettle on the way.

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