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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by acs55812, Dec 3, 2009.

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    This started right after we (Bob and myself) had purchased a commercial convection oven at auction thinking it was the perfect smoker box. We went to pick it up and they had a commercial fridge sitting in the room too, I inquired what they were going to do with that since it wasn't on the auction---answer was "it doesn't work---its your if you want it". Well Bob and I can't turn down much that is free!

    The first pic should be the finished fridge with baking element from an old kitchen range, with pipe below it for an external smoke generator. The first shelf up is for drip pan, then three racks from kitchen ovens.

    The 2nd pic should be a close up of the door gasket, from oven door gaskets.

    The Door caused us a bit of a problem, we had to remove a fiberglass liner on the inside of the door, and that exposed styrofoam, we covered the portion of the styrofoam with plywood that is "inside" the friidge opening---and covered that with tin from the side panel from a range.

    Heated it up to 285 and all looks well.
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    Looking good! What style of smoke generator are you going with?
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    Sweet. So what are your plans for the innagural smoke?
  4. acs55812

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    Big kahuna generator

    Bob is taking it to his house this weekend, I am not sure when I will smoke one of those 16 turkeys I picked up last week on sale.

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