Follow up Pork Picnic with Qview!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gadsden 1, Jun 2, 2014.

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    Last time I had an amazing experience smoking a Butt, and decided to try a Picnic this time.  I started getting ready the night before, and realized my meat was still frozen in the middle, so I put it in a bath of water (still in the bag), got the smoker all ready, made the rub, and went to be about midnight.  Got up at 3 am, yes I was delirious, and started the fire and applied the mustard and rub, and poured the water for the drip pan collection.

    Thanks to BearCarver and SoFlaQuer, and many others who've helped teach me this fulfilling art!

    So this go around I took less pictures of the overall process, but have some good ones of the finished product.

    While I was waiting for the Apple and Hickory smoke to seep into the meat (2:1 ratio) I made some vanilla ice cream, and opened a homebrew!

    Here is my ice cream, and a homebrew.  Both were so tasty, man everything is better homemade, everything.

    So then my picnic was taking longer than I expected, I was banking on 14 hrs, but this one was more like 16 hrs.  But when I finally achieved the magic 205 degrees, I pulled off a section for dinner, and wrapped the rest in 2 towels, and put it in my cooler.  Here is the section I ripped off, look at that juiciness, man it just fell off the instant I touched it with the fork.

    Check out the bark above!  Man that stuff is tasty!  The smoke rings always make me happy!

    There was less fat than the Butt I did last, this picnic was lean, but had plenty of fat to make it juicy and delicious.  The drippings were collected and refrigerated, and once congealed, the fat was removed and the rest poured into the remaining shreds.

    Here is the result of the pulling.

    Yield was pretty impressive!  And here's a closeup!

    Here is the pork after the au jus was added back in!  Along with some rub/finishing mix.

    So much fun, I think the picnic might be sweeter and leaner than the butt was, and that was fantastically delicious.

    Thanks to all the mentors around here, it really helps!

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  2. brooksy

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    Looks very good!! Great smoke!
  3. c farmer

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    Looks great.  I prefer picnics too.
  4. ghunt

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    The picnic I picked up had a great big slab of fat on one side. Not that it was a big deal as the fat fell off once it was cooked.

    Man I'm jealous of that bark. Holeee crap.
  5. gadsden 1

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     Thanks!  Yeah the Picnic's come with the skin on and big chunk of fat under.  I cut that off prior to smoking, but still left some fat on it.  It worked out perfectly.

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