First timer with pulled pork--what to do next? lots of questions

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lenm, May 20, 2015.

  1. lenm

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    Hello all, I just started smoking two weeks ago--smoked 4 slabs of brisket and they were a hit, thanks to all the wonderful suggestions from the great smoking experts on this forum.

    I read up on the forum and tried pulled pork for the first time following all of the wonderful suggestions, I'm left with several questions.

    1. I pulled one of the butts and don't know what to do next since I'm not serving until tomorrow. I just wrapped it back in the foil. Do I refrigerate it like that or do I put in the finishing sauce before I refrigerate and warm before serving?

    2. I left the second butt whole, foiled it and wrapped it in towel. Do I warm it in conventional oven before I pull? What do I do with the dark parts ( bark)? With the first one, I separated the meat with the bark attached.

    3. I also need help with the finishing sauce. I've read up on vinegar vs. apple cider or both. Which is best and how do I use it with the pulled pork?

    Thank you all so much.  I am enjoying this smoking hobby.  I appreciate your patience in answering my questions.
  2. oddball

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    Just seal it up and put it in the fridge.

    I always pull it and the store.  After it's cool/cold, it will be harder to pull.  And it would be much hardware to reheat a full roast then simply the pulled meat.

    You can add the sauce before storage or before reheating.  It's simply a way to add back moisture that is lost and/or add some additional flawor.

    As for the type of sauce, try both and decide which you like.  There isn't a "best", there is only what you like.  Most recipes are only a starting point anyway, as most people modify to suit there needs or tastes.
  3. smokesontuesday

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    Pull it all and store it that way. It'll even freeze pretty well if you don't put the finishing sauce on till you warm it up.

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