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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shelbyjay, Jun 6, 2013.

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    So... I'm new to the world of smokers, and today I used my smoker for the first time. I didn't season the pork chops I decided on too heavily, because I don't eat a lot of salt or anything. I smoked them using hickory and apple wood chips, and they came out amazing! So much flavor... I'm excited to smoke my first brisket tomorrow!! I still have some research to do on rubs and such, so any advice you experienced smokers could provide would be well received. Thanks!!
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    I cant really offer any help on rubs and such but just wanted to say congrats on your first successful smoke, I too am hoping to get me a smoker soon and hopefully be able to come report my first successful smoke soon enough. I think you definately have found the right place for any questions and concerns about smokers here because I have only been here for a few hours and have been amazed at the knowledge and the willingness of people to help so im sure if you have any questions people here will do there best to help out. Good luck with the brisket tomorrow and have a great weekend!
  3. Hello shelbyjay.  Glad you had good luck with the pork chops.  Brisket.  I think you already found the secret.  I don't use rubs and such.  I let the taste of the meat and smoke speak for itself.  Why not try your first brisket the same way you had the chops?  Salt and pepper and let 'er go?  I would just say to add a little more than you think cause it is a large chunk of beef.  The secret is to cook it the way you like it, not how everyone says it should be cooked.  On your second one you can always rub on the entire contents of your spice rack if you want to experiment.  Good luck.  Next time don't froget the Qview.  Keep Smokin!

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    Nice job keep it up !
  5. Congrats on a successful and flavorful smoke! We frequently do chops in the MES and then pop them on the grill for final last few minutes.  Briskets seem scary and I had been smoking for over a year before I attempted one. Sorry I did because they aren't really all that hard except for the cooking time, which is long.
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    Congrats!  You have to show q-views!  (pictures!!!)....make us drool!  If you don't the guys will start teasing this: [​IMG]


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