First Smoked Pork Shoulder (Picnic)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mattygfl, Jul 22, 2009.

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    First off I want to say thanks to all the members here for such good information. Especially SFLQuer for his finishing sauce!!! SOOOO GOOD!!!

    Anyways I recently purchased a cheap Charbroil Smoker from walmart that set me back like 90 bucks or something. I wish I woulda just got a better model for obvious reasons but I didnt. Anyways I have been surprised at how well I can actually control the temp with this model. I havent dont any of the mods yet, but I will definitely be doing so sometime soon!!

    Ok so I got a Pork Shoulder the picnic version which was about 7.91 lbs from Winn Dixie and it was onsale. I only paid like 5.48 or .69/lb for the piece of meat. I guess they were running a special for a week or so cause they had a bunch of them in the back. Now the are back up to 1.39 lb. I shoulda bought a bunch of them! Oh well.

    Well I did a homemade rub which consisted of Brown Sugar, Paprika, Cayanne, White Pepper, Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin (which is a great ingredient), Garlic Powder, and maybe some other spices i have in there. Anyways I rubbed it down with Yellow Mustard before hand, then put the spice rub all over it and wrapped it in plastic wrap for over 24/hrs.

    So I planned on smoking the shoulder on Sunday after I fished all day on Saturday offshore, but my girlfriend was out of town on business and a good buddy came down to fish with me. Well put us both together and there is definitely a recipe for trouble. So anyways Saturday night rolls into Sunday morning and instead of going to bed we decided it would be a good idea to go fishing again. Well it wasnt such a great idea and when we finally made it back in it was close to noon and there was no way i could smoke that shoulder that day. So instead i decided that I needed a day off from work! [​IMG]

    So I slept pretty much all day Sunday and recovered quite nicely. Woke up Monday and lit the smoker about 8 am. Once i got my temps stablized at about 225-230 I threw on the butt. I smoked it for about 6.5-7 hours with temps not going over 250 and not under 215. I used regular charcoal and hickory wood chips in a tin foil packet. I started spraying the meat with a mixture of apple cider, vegitable oil and tabasco sauce after the first few hours. I sprayed it once every hour or so and really soaked it down. Once the internal temperature of the meat reached 160 I wrapped it in tin foil and covered the inside of the tin foil nicely with my spray mixture. I still dont have a wireless meat thermometer yet (i have one on the way) so I had to periodically check it. I knew it was going to take at least another 3 or so hours so I didnt check it till 3 hours after I wrapped it in foil. When I did finally check it i stuck in the thermometer and the internal meat temp was about 205.

    I quickly took it off the smoker and wrapped it in an old towel and threw it in the cooler for about an hour. When i finally opened it it litterally just fell apart at the first touch of the fork. I was happier than a pig in poo, probably even happier than the pig i just ate when he got his first roll in poo! Haha! Came out SOOO GOOD. I couldnt believe I did it that well on my first time, but I know that i could not have done it without all you folks here! Thanks again for all the tips and information. I am having a big party this weekend and am doing 2 more! I just hope they come out as good as the first one!!!

    Also I made 2 other sauces besides the SFLQuers finishing sauce. I made a eastern Carolina vinegar and pepper sauce as well as a south Carolina mustard sauce. I will post those recipes later. The mustard sauce was out of this world!

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    GREAT JOB!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

    If your happy I'm happy!!

    I totally AGREE!!!
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    Great looking pulled pork! Made me hungry all over again.
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  5. Looks awesome man! Arent you suppised to take the skin off to get better rub/smoke penetration though?
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    Looks Great...
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    NICE!! Make mine a sammie with SoFlaQuers sauce please!!
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    Looks good from this angle.
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    Looks good[​IMG]

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