First pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ron22, Aug 18, 2014.

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    I just bought a Gen 1 MES 30 and decided it was time to test it.  Bought pork shoulder on sale at Aldis (Thank to who ever posted about it.)

    Used some rub and  mesquite chips we had on hand. Put the rub on the night before then in fridge over night.

    Got up at 6am put it in the smoker at 230F. I have on the one of the weird MES 30 the temperature read out is correct :)

    Looks kind of big in there it was only 8lb guess just a small smoker

    Wrapped it in foil when the IT hit 170.  Pulled it out with IT of 195. Wrapped in towel for 1 hour. I read longer to help cool it off but I was hungery and it smelled good. Longer would have been better it was still HOT.

    Wife loved it and said I will need to do it again. That is always a good sign.

    Next time will have to play with making own rub. Possibly a different wood too.  Also AMNPS is sounding good easier then feeding chips all the time.

    Next up is either the Beef Brisket or one of the Beef roast I have in freezer.
  2. Looks good. Glad your MES holds the right temp/ Get a AMNPS and you will never look back. If you will take the IT to 200°- 205° it will make better PP.

    Happy smoken.

  3. End results look good, best thing is the wife was happy. you did good. CF
  4. Skip the towel next time.  When you are happy with the internal temperature of the meat, adjust your MES to 100F and let it slowly go down in temperature (without opening the door).  This will approximate wrapping the meat in a towel and throwing it in an ice chest.  Less clean up and less fuss; same results. The MES is so well insulated it works well as a resting box.
  5. I just ordered my MES yesterday and I'm glad I read this tip. That's a great idea!
  6. rob sicc

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    Beautiful looking pulled pork.

    did you like the rub?  was it a recipe or a pre made mix that you purchased?
  7. Nice first BUTT!!!


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