First overnight smoke with a Boston butt for pulled pork

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  1. Picked up a bone-in 7.5lb butt to smoke this weekend. Coated with mustard, then my homemade rub, sealed in plastic wrap, tossed in fridge overnight. The next day took it out the fridge, applied a bit more rub then onto the UDS smoker with Kingsford Blue and apple wood at 10pm last night. Kept the temps between 250-280deg and after 12 hours it's hitting the evil stall mark at 154deg. It's been sitting at 154deg for at least 1-2 hours. I was praying to the smoking gods that it would hit 200deg around 2pm then I'd toss it in the foil for a while then shred it up but I think I will be cursed with an exceptionally long stall. Wish me luck!  UPDATE--- As I was typing this the temp went up by 2 degrees! WOOHOO! Hopefully it keeps on soaring higher. [​IMG]

    Prior to going into the smoker.

    At 11 hours or so in I opened the UDS up and stuck in the food probe. Now it's sitting stalled at 154deg for the last few hours with the smoker at 280deg.

    Found this guy sleeping on the siding next to the back porch.

    He didn't seem to mind me taking some up close and personal shots as he slept. He's still on the wall actually. I am guessing he likes pulled pork as well.

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    Looking good so far! Love the UDS!
  3. Pulled it but I think maybe just a tad too soon. For some reason part of it didn't hit 200+, but got to 195. So I wrapped it in foil and am going to let it sit for an hour. Ate some of the bark that got stuck to the grill a bit with some of SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. At first when I tasted the finishing sauce before putting on the meat, it wasn't as good as I hoped. Once I put it on some of the meat, it really made the perfect touch to the flavor profile. Glad I made it.

    Pulled from the smoker and into foil for an hour for a pre-dinner nap.

  4. Dinner was fantastic. Also made a fruit tart for dessert. Served the pulled pork up on soft rolls with slaw and finishing sauce and some broccoli almond cranberry salad and potato salad on the side.

    Perfect sammich!

    The bone slid out nice and easy. That's what she said.

    Lots of meat. Gonna do some tacos this week with the leftovers.

    Nothing like a quick and easy 15 minute fruit tart for dessert!

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    Everything looks delicious!
    Nicely done.

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