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  1. Going at my first try smoking jerky today. Picked up a 5lb round yesterday and sliced it up. I'm trying an interesting mix of seasoning and marinades so we'll see how they come out!

    Dry rubs- Did 2 types of dry rubs, one is my brisket rub the other a hotter texas style rub.

    Marinades- I made 3 different marinades

    1- basic marinade with soy, worcestershire, seasonings

    2- Hot marinade with Asian chili paste, extra cayenne and peppercorns. nice flavor with a good after kick to it

    3- A bbq style marinade

    I'm also a big fan of Indian cuisine, so I'm trying a rub and marinade based on Indian seasonings. No idea how this will turn out haha but we will see! and I know, kind of funny using Indian seasonings on beef, but I'm crazy so I went there.

    I'll do a follow up when it's done and if it was a success I'll post some pics and the recipes
  2. Did you put any type of cure in your rubs?
  3. No I didn't use any cures. I'm still new to making jerky so I'm not sure how everyone does things. I've seen people marinade, cure, season and a mixture. this is basically a trial run for me so i did a small amount of each type to see the results. The book I have on smoking is the only one that explains making jerky, but only gives recipes doesn't explain a lot of the how to. any suggestions or tips would be welcome

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    You should use cure 1 when doing any smoking of jerky, sausage at temps below 180-190. However if your going to dehydrate cure 1 is normally not used but your call.
  5. Are you smoking it or dehydrating it? If smoking it, like Nepas says, you need some Cure 1 in there due to the low temps. I make loads of elk, venison, antelope and waterfowl jerky from dry cure and always low and slow. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. So far so good, a few of the smaller pieces are done and they came out great, the bigger pieces that were marinated will take at least the full 6 hours. Was tricky at first getting the temp down below 200* luckily the door on my smoker has a moveable latch so I was able to keep the door slightly open and its been at a steady 150 which is great. Meat picked up great smoke flavor, and the Indian spice marinade and rub both taste really great!
  7. So if I'm smoking below 180 I should add a cure? and is that only for the meat that I used the rub on or should it be added in the marinade. I haven't done much with curing yet
  8. I would. It gives it a better shelf life as well.
  9. I use 1 tsp. Cure 1 per 5 lbs of muscle meat in my jerky (which is a dry seasoning mix). I mix the Cure 1 with the other seasonings really well and sprinkle and work in to the meat, then refrig over night. But I do my jerky at 110-120* for 1-1.5 hrs to dry it with no smoke, then bump to 130-140* for 2-3 hrs with smoke, bump to 150-160* to finish it off. Usually take me approximately 7 hrs until it's done. In the past yr I've probably done over a 100 lbs of various game meat/waterfowl.

    I would say you need Cure 1 in your marinades as well but since I haven't done it that way, I'm not sure if the measurements are the same.

    Don't forget the q view!
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  10. Awesome, thank you so much, the temps really help, I'll try that next time. The book I got some recipes out of didn't mention cure 1. Whenever it mentioned a cure it was just a salt based rub. I will start using it though because I have some friends I want to start selling it to so keeping it longer would be good.  It took me a while to get my smoker that low, but I smoked it at 150 and used smoke for the first 3 hours or so. I think it will be difficult to get it much lower than that. I had it on the lowest heat setting and had the door cracked open and it held 150 beautifully but I don't know if i can get it lower than that. It was in the smoker for 6 hours then I brought it upstairs to finish it in the oven at 180*. I live on the second floor and I did this for a number of reasons. when I prepared the meat I didn't have time to partially freeze it so i cut it free hand. I matched the sizes together so they would finish about the same time. After 6 hours there were a few pieces that weren't done, so it was partially being lazy after 6 hours of running up and down to check I decided to bring it up so I could just keep an eye on it more easily.

    It came out great and everyone really loved it. Had great flavor, all of them really came out great and had a nice smoke flavor. It's pretty much all gone already and I only have a few small things I would tweak with the recipe. Here's a couple rubs that I've been using.

    Texas heat rub

    1/4 cup salt

    1/4 cup ground peppercorn

    1/8 cup paprika

    1 1/2 Tbs chili powder

    1 Tbs cayenne

    1 Tbs garlic powder

    1/2 Tbs onion powder

    1/2 Tbs cumin

    1/2 Tbs thyme

    pinch cilantro

    I put this rub on the night before. It was hot and spicy but had great flavor. Mild initial spice then it crept in. I loved it because after eating a piece of it there was a  nice warming feeling left over.

    Indian Spice Rub

    People loved this on the jerky, I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it was a huge hit. This is a similar curry blend I use when I make chicken Korma. I'm going to try some different experiments with the marinade, but the spice blend is perfect.

    1/2 tsp. black salt

    1 Tbs kosher salt

    2 Tbs garlic salt

    2 Tbs Brown sugar

    1 Tbs black mustard seed ground

    1/2 tsp paprika

    1/2 tsp garlic powder

    1 1/2 tsp onion powder

    1 tsp tumeric

    1 tsp curry powder

    1/2 tsp cumin

    1 1/2 tsp ginger

    1/2 tsp red pepper flakes

    1/2 tsp corriander

    dash cinnamon, clove, nutmeg

    For a marinade - Use sour cream or yogurt for a base, mix a good amount of the rub into the cream. you should be able to taste the seasonings. Marinate over night, pat dry, and I sprinkled a small amount of rub on it prior to smoking.

    I didn't get a lot of pictures unfortunately. I only got some pre-smoking and didn't get a picture of the end product.


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