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  1. I had my first smoke with my new Char-Griller Smokin' Pro yesterday. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Char-Griller. I knew when I bought it that I would need to make some mods. When I assembled the unit Friday, I went ahead and did the smoke stack extension and turned over the charcoal grate in the main body. I fired her up Friday night to season the grill. I watched the grill level temps during the seasoning and was happy with the results. After the seasoning was complete, I prepped a brisket by trimming and covering the brisket in mustard and a dry rub. I also put a chicken in brine for the wife.

    I was up very early Saturday to fire up the smoker. I used Kingsford Charcoal and a mix of hickory and mesquite chunks for smoke. Once everything was going and stable, I put the brisket on the smoker. Here is shot of the smoke as the temp was coming back up after adding the meat.


    After the Brisket had been on for 6 hours, I added chicken to the mix.


    I wrapped the brisket in foil after it reached 165 degrees. The chicken was pulled of at 180 degrees. After resting a a bit, the wife had her dinner consisting of chicken, baked beans, and potato salad and headed to work. The chicken took about 5 hours.


    The brisket went 12 hours and was pulled at 180 degrees. I let the brisket rest for an hour in foil before slicing. It was very tender. I had a hard time slicing because it wanted to fall apart. It also seemed to have a nice smoke ring.


    I learned a few lessons and still have a few mods to do. I am used to smoking on a Brinkmann charcoal smoker and Kingsford worked fine on it. Not so with the Char-Griller. I was able to maintain temp just fine for the first 3-4 hours. After that, I started having problems and ended up using a lot of charcoal. I think this was due to all the ash and the fire having a hard time breathing. At one point, I started digging around in the SFB and discovered a lot of unburned coals. They had partially burned and become buried in ash. I think moving to lump charcoal and a basket will resolve this issue.

    I also need to finish sealing up all the extra holes. I will stop and get some bolts for this before I smoke again. I'm not sure I like the exhaust extension I performed. It drops down in the middle of the far left grate. I may try the aluminum flex pipe I've seen in several post.

    Like I said, the food was great and the smoke did it's job. I think with a few changes, it will do it with a lot less work on my part. Although, tending the fire and monitoring everything is half the fun!
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    lookin good GPS, very good lookin smoke and thks for the qview!!!
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    great lookin' Q Steve ,your right about the ash build up ,i do a dare devil balancing act when that happens by taking a garden trowel and raising the
    grate with the coal while sliding the ash catcher out and dump it in a steel bucket slide it back in and replace the coals,also i'm wearing welding gloves.

  4. I have a char griller pro also. I had the same problem with my sfd when I smoked a butt yesterday. Plan on some of the same mods you wrote about. I saw one where you turn the charcoal grate over & use it like a baffle. havent tried it yet, but I will have the mods done before my next smoke or at least one that last 12hrs great looking meat [​IMG]IF YOUR LOOKING YOU AINT COOKING
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    Killer looking beef, sweet bird and killer knife. Doing it right.
  6. I did the baffle thing with mine. I had very even cooking temps from one end to the other. Now to fix the SFB issue. I'm already planning my menu for next weekend.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I can't wait to use the smoker again next weekend. [​IMG]
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    Greatlooking grub....................Mouth watering....................
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    Thats looks great. Sounds like you got a pretty good handle on the new smoker. A few more smokes and you'll have it in the bag.
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    Steven, it looks great![​IMG]

    Nice blog too.

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