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  1. Cured a 5 pound loin in Pops brine for 11 days and smoked with cherry and hickory.I ran the smoker for 5 hours at 200 degrees and pulled them at 142.Good lord this stuff is out of this world.I already have a butt in the brine for Bbb.Thanks Pop's.
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    Looks Great, John !!![​IMG]

    Nice Color!![​IMG]

    Any particular reason to pull it at 142*? Just a few more degrees (145*), and you'd hit the temp the USDA says is safe, so you could actually eat it cold. I guess it could coast to 145*, but that doesn't usually happen when using a 200* smoking temp.

    If you take your other one to 145*--150*, you will be able to eat it cold, or just warm it up a bit, instead of frying every piece before eating.

    Just a thought,

  3. Bear after reading some post on here I got a little nervous about it drying out and pulled it at 142.This one is for my 6yo and he only wants it fried in the skillet or microwave.

    Do you have any tips in dry curing any would be appreciated.Thanks!
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    Bear dry cures a lot.

    He will share some tips I am sure.
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    Hi John,

    At the bottom of all of my posts, you will see this:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

    After clicking you'll get to my index. 

    Then just click on any kind of Bacon, or anything else you want tips for.

    All of my Bacons are Dry Cured with TQ.

    You can always PM me too, if you have any questions.


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