First Butt is on the Smoker!!! 10/8

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gators2000, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. I'm giving it a shot.  First time but I'm pretty confident.  It's a windy day so getting a constant temp is tough.  One hour in and I've finally got the Smoker holding 235.  I'm fine with that. I'll keep you guys posted! 

    Before Pic

  2. smokinal

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    Good luck!

    That's a good looking piece of meat!
  3. hewgag

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    Keep the smoke light n' blueish, keep the temp under 240F, and when the internal temp hits 190-205F (use a probe thermometer) pull that butt, wrap in foil or set it in a an empty crokpot with the lid until the internal temp drops to like 130ish. Then pull n' pig out!
  4. miamirick

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    looks like a good start   hope its ready by gametime!
  5. Thanks guys! Coming along!!!  Temp is holding around 230-235 according to the digital.

  6. What do you guys think about foiling it once it's 165 or so?  To foil or not to foil????
  7. jrod62

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    foiling will help speed up the time on smoker. If you like a lot of bark then don't foil.

     did you put a pan under it to catch the juice?

    I always put the Butts in a pan to catch all the juices. then save it to make gravy later on.

    (reason for the pan is to keep the smoker clean.)
  8. smokinal

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    It's a personal choice. I used to foil, but I don't anymore unless I'm pressed for time.

    Foiling cooks the butt faster, but I like the bark that you get when you don't foil.
  9. fpnmf

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  10. Thin Blue Smoke

  11. 3 hours...

  12. flash

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     I still foil as I do not want to wait 10 to 15 hours for dinner. The longer you can go, before foiling, the more bark you will achieve. I like to reach atleast 170º before we foil. Still get a pretty decent bark. Let it rest an 1 to 2 hours after removing from smoker and have at it.
  13. tom c

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  14. chef willie

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    5:30 Florida time...where we at on this???
  15. 5 hours...  Got some snacks on the grill too.  160+ degrees.  

  16. Lookin great!
  17. Soooooo, what do you do when it looks like a tropical storm is coming your way?  This may mess things up a bit... 
  18. tiki guy

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    Looks PRETTY good ....and I like the wings as well  ( nice touch , never thought of it BUT make a little appetizer as well [​IMG]
  19. sierra

    sierra Fire Starter

    If you think it is going to kill everything, you can finish it in the oven.
  20. scooper

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    I put an upside down 1/2 sheet pan on top of my smoker weighted down with bricks.  And a whole sheet pan propped up against the back of it blocking the winds.  My temps are low, around 215, but things are coming along fine.  I went simple with just some trimmings from spares and some wings.

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