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Discussion in 'Pork' started by shaun h, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I am doing my first butt as we speak.  I'm pretty excited but I am wondering about some unexpected things that have come up.

    First was the difference between my maverick and the WSM lid...a 60 degree difference.  Mav reads 260 while the lid says 200.  

    The other is that the meat internal temp has risen pretty steadily, and after an hour and a half it is now at 122 degrees.

    Is that normal?  I didn't expect it to climb that fast. I guess it has to slow down at some point, I just didn't expect that and hope everything is ok?

    I may have more questions as the cook comes along.  And good or bad I will put up pics and try and figure out what happened
  2. daveomak

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  3. unless you have calibrated the therm on the smoker go by what the mav. reads. your doing fine. I don't stick the therm. in till after 3-4 hrs you must have done it right away. so are you slicing or pulling?
  4. gonna be pulling.  

    Meat therm. now says 142 and I been cooking for only 2 hours.

    It just seemed to jump up so quickly.

    Water pan is full and all three bottom vents (WSM 22) are only opened to about 25%.
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    my Maverick is right on the money ,temp wise so I would trust it  over the lid temp. and I take it the maverick is at the grate next to the butt.

    ur temp going up quick tell me the maverick is closer to the true temp. make sure the meat probe is in center of the butt . mine in the past has went up quick in temp. once it hit 160 or 170 it might stay there for hours on end. just got to wait it out. lots of beer help with that [​IMG]

    last butt took 16 hour to get to 205
  6. jrod62

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    and we will be sitting here eating [​IMG] and drinking [​IMG]

    waiting on the Q-views
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    Yep just kick back & let it ride!
  8. thanks guys.  I guess I'm just overly jittery.  I appreciate the feedback.  I will keep checking in and give a for better or worse pic at the end 
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    You are doing fine - trust your Mav, and don't worry about the quick rise - you will hit a stall that may last a few hours so don't worry about that either. You will be fine.
  10. hyyal

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    Hit the stall, drink a couple beers & trust the mav. All is good.
  11. meateater

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    Good advice given, it's a low and slow sport. [​IMG]
  12. venture

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    You have advice from experts.

    Watch the beer, you might be at this for a while!  LOL

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. Good advice given, I bet it will turn out great!!!
  14. Ok here is another question.

    I have been monitering the cook temps on the hour and an hour and a half ago I was at 187.  I figured that meant I was close to the end, and so I put a few more things on (chicken and jalepenos) that I thought would go for a couple hours.  This was the first time I ever lifted the lid the entire cook.The food temp started dropping and fell all the way to 178 an hour later and held there.  It is now currently 180.

    Why would the temp drop like that?  Especially so dramatically?
  15. ellymae

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    Yep - it happens...
  16. kid creole

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    I don't know what's going on, but your meat should not drop from 187 to 178 just because you opened the top, but I have no experience with the WSM.  Is it foiled?
  17. no foil.

    It pushed past the 160s stall well enough, but now its stuck on 180 for almost 2 hours, after already being at 187.  :(
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  18. hang in there all will be good and worth the wait have another beer[​IMG]
  19. kid creole

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    Be patient.  If you do open your cooker for something else, check on the placement of the thermometer.  You've got a ways to go, but your meat is already good for chopping.  You're doing fine, and you'll enjoy the result.
  20. Thanks guys.

    Its a bit nerving.

    Been stuck on 178-180 for three hours now.

    Been cooking for 15 hours total.

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