Few questions about the GMG Davy Crockett...

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by pg89, Apr 7, 2015.

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    I love the look of this grill, and with the wifi option, it looks like exactly the sort of thing I'm after for a small set & forget smoker, mostly for smoking briskets & pork butts, but also for smaller things. I have a few questions though...

    My main concerns are:

    Will it fit a 13lb packer brisket? I know it would be a tight fit, but seems a shame to not be able to fit the whole thing in there rather than smoke the flat & point separately. To make things even tighter, I am also thinking of squeezing an A-Maze-N tube smoker in there, as from what I understand, many people are unhappy with the level of smoke flavor they're getting, and that seems like a good way to boost the smoke for the first 4 hours, using the same pellets that the grill uses. Which would be the most suitable, the 6" or the 12", and could it fit underneath the grill to save space on the cooking area?

    How long will a full tank of pellets last at say 225f grill temp (about 205f on the control)? Would there be any issues letting it smoke unattended overnight?

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    I just got my DB home today as for your questions

    **** Sorry I must of been asleep when I replied last night I agree the 13lbs probably not fit on the DC but I only $200 more for the DB you may want to look into that option**********

    I have seen several post but I am old and cannot remember the spot but there are preferred spots to place the tube or at least the maze on this grill. Go with the 12" if your planning all night cooks. The pellets burn at different rates some burn faster than others according to my local dealer the Texas blend from GMG burn 1 - 1.5 pounds an hour. I plan to leave mine on all night unattended I use the iGrill probe to monitor ambient temps and just set it to wake me if the grill get too hot. 

    Tonight I noticed a few things I want to look into more with my DB, first thing is as a grill at 450 the handle is too hot to touch. I also felt like the lid needs to be sealed better. The grates seem thin & cheap compared to my Ducane gas grill IMHO they skimped on that a bit. I didnt see any instructions on setting up to your local wifi but when connecting to the broadcast from the DB grill it worked fine. The other thing is it sounds like a water heater or some other appliance when it running. I think it is more of a smoker and less of a grill I was planning on ditching my propane grill but second guessing that now. Only cooked burgers on it tonight I put one in on each side front and back and they cooked pretty evenly.

    Hope this helps good luck!!
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