"FANTASTIC" - It's pretty clean, really!

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    Tina Torkelson, a friend of Lena, worked as a maid for a wealthy family. One day Lena visited Tina at her place of employment. The lady of the house, Mrs. Fiskerstang, was perhaps trying to impress Lena a bit by bragging about the cost of the house, the furniture, their swimming pool, even the cost of their vacations. Every time she mentioned an item, Tina would exclaim: "FANTASTIC".

    Later, when they were alone, Lena asked Tina how come she would say FANTASTIC for every remark her employer made.

    "Vell, it's like dis," said Tina. "Before I took dis youb, Mrs. Fiskerstang sent me to a special school to teach me manners and how to do tings for vealthy people. Vell, one of da tings dey taught me to do vas to say "FANTASTIC" instead of "B.S."
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    Thats a pretty good one............Fantastic..............

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