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Discussion in 'Pork' started by woodsman, May 18, 2010.

  1. woodsman

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    Ok. I've been reading the forum and following Jeff's methods for quite a while now with huge sucess. This past weekend I did some loinbacks and they came out dry. Have been doing them for some time now using 3-1.5-1 and they always come out real tender. The only thing I really know was different was the smoker was running hot (150-160) for the first hour. Could I have cooked them too quick? They had little pullback and not very tender, yet temp was 172 when I pulled them. And by the way. Even though I never post, I really appreciate all the information you guys and gals have put out there. It has been a tremendous help.
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    I had this happen to me not long ago. The ribs had an exceptional amount of loin meat on the back side of the ribs. I cooked them in my drum as usual and all the sections of loin meat were incredibly dry.
    My thoughts were that the first 2.5 hours were enough to cook the lean loin meat and the rest of the smoke rendered the rib meat just right.
    In the future, when I have backs with alot of loin meat, I'll either sauce/mop the loin portion heavily and/or lay a piece of foil over those sections to help heep some heat off and moisture in.
    Definately not the first time it has ever happened..
    GL on your next smoke..

    I use a 2.5-2-1 method..
  3. cliffcarter

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    Couple of questions- did you mean 250-260 on the cooker temps? How much did the ribs weigh? Did you add a liquid when you foiled?
    250-260 for 1 hr probably did'nt hurt you too much, if at all. I think 3 hrs for the first unfoiled stage may be a bit long, but I have done 2.5 hrs on large racks(3-3.25lb) with the next 2 stages the same as yours. If your ribs were 2.5 lb then maybe the longer cook time dried them out. I seldom judge doneness by pullback on the bone, sometimes it happens, sometimes it does'nt. What I do is pick the rack up from the end with my tongs a rib or 2 shy of the midpoint of the rack, if the rack bends down at about a 45* angle you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
  4. woodsman

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    The racks were 2.5-3.0 lbs. The 250-260 temp was about an inch off the grate in the center of the smoker. I'm running a Lang 60. This is the first time I tried a modified Minion Method also. Had a heck of a time keeping the temp down. Put one can of unlit coals under a can of lit coals and with a criss cross wood pattern around it. Wow! Did that ever work. Not used to getting so much heat. I really am hoping I had things too hot because my ribs always come out so good. When I foiled, I used a good spray of apple juice and some honey.
  5. cliffcarter

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    Sounds like the extra heat is part of the problem, for racks that size you could safely knock some time off the cook, 30min at least maybe as much as 60 on the racks closer to 2.5lb IMHO. Do you think you will try your new method again?
  6. woodsman

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    I will definately go with it again. The temp, although too high, was very stable and lasted a long, long time. Will back down on the wood. It was burning so hot that at one point, I had all the intakes closed and for the first time ever, had to crack the damper on the stack shut a little. Then ended up with too much smoke and lost the purple haze! I guess its a learning curve. Will have to back down on the amount of wood I'm used to putting in. Anxious now to try it again to make sure the problem is solved. Not to the point of losing sleep over it, but damned close!

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