Covered WSM and rain

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by billmc40, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. billmc40

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    Last week when I smoked I took the cover off the WSM. The first thing I noticed was that the fireman had water in it and so did the heat shield. It has been ranging for nearly 12 hours and I am wondering if the cover is doing its job. Is there a better cover then the one that came with it? Thanks for the input.
  2. dward51

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    I have seen other posts about WSM covers slightly leaking at the stitched seam.  Never had a problem with mine and it now lives under a covered porch so I don't cover it anymore.

    Some of the solutions I've seen posted before are to get a tube of Coleman or other brand tent seam sealer from Walmart or an outdoors store and seal the seam area on the inside of the cover. It's a liquid product that dries to waterproof and seal fabric seams. I've also seen posts where they put a black trash bag over the WSM and then cover the trash bag with the cover (make sure it's totally cooled down of course).

    Is your top vent still open?  I would think if it's closed even if a little water came in via the cover seam it would not really have anywhere to go and would run down the outside of the WSM under the cover.  I closed my top vent when I kept mine under a cover.
  3. billmc40

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    I think I have probably left the top vent open. I'll have to look when it quits raining. Not complaining about the rain we really need it here.

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